I know a few parents who allow their kids zero devices and screen time. In today’s world, I believe that our children need to be aware of how to operate devices and they should be exposed to appropriate movies and shows. Especially during this forced holiday when you cannot allow them to get out of the house, I think you should give them that freedom to entertain themselves.

An OTT Platform ZEE5.COM
An OTT Platform ZEE5.COM

However, sometimes I let my kids watch some kid movies while I watch the ones merely for adults. While there are plenty of digital entertainment services, there are very few that let you watch movies and series without taking a subscription. But entertainment doesn’t always need you to pay. ZEE5 has premium content that you can watch for free too. There are some pretty nice comedy movies to watch and lighten your mood.

Those of you, who enjoy Hindi entertainment, check out the list below:

  1. Kuch Kuch Locha Hai (2015) – Starring Ram Kapoor, Sunny Leone and Evelyn Sharma, this movie revolves around a businessman who pretends to be a bachelor in order to impress a hot wanna-be actress.

  2. Behen Hogi Teri (2017) – This is another romantic comedy with the Indian society acting as the villains. For a boy, as per society, every girl in the village is supposed to be his sister and nothing else. Watch how Gattu goes around convincing everyone about his romantic love for his neighbour girlfriend.

  3. Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se (2018) – Starring the Deol trio, Sunny, Bobby and their father Dharmendra, this movie will make you laugh while the sons are trying hard to get back their stolen Vajrakavach for the pharmaceutical company they have inherited.

  4. Great Grand Masti (2016) – With Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi and Aftab Shivdasani, you can expect to laugh your guts out with this horror cum comedy movie. It’s all about how a beautiful girl brings only trouble in their lives.

  5. Double Dhamaal (2011) – Another movie starring Riteish Deshmukh but this time besides Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Javed Jaffrey, Kangana Ranaut and Mallika Sherawat. Whether the four main characters are conning a millionaire or avenging humiliation, this is fun to watch along with family.

Check out the Zindagi Shows on ZEE5!

LOCKDOWN – A music series on ZEE5

For those of you, who love music, check out the web series with short episodes – LOCKDOWN. It’s all about music with a little story around it to make it interesting. Some of the singers in it are Benny Dayal, digital sensation Jonita Gandhi, Sufi maestro Kailash Kher, Indo-American rapper Raja Kumari, hotshot rapper Badshah, cross-genre musicians Bryden Lewis and Parth Chandiramani and more. The best thing about this is that you can play the music in the background while you finish some other work on the laptop.

Of course, there are other kinds of shows and movies on ZEE5 Free too, but the above mentioned ones will surely bring a smile to your otherwise stressful day. Have you watched any of the above movies on ZEE5? Let us know in the comments below.

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Other platforms to watch some free movies – https://smovies.me/

Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva, besides being a mother of two angels, is a belly dancer, writer and photographer. She loves partying, bowling and eating sushi. There is a detailed biography about her on the ABOUT ME page in case you would like to know more. :) You can like and follow her Facebook page to get all updates on the latest blogs and more: https://www.facebook.com/blogaberry/


  1. Amrit Kaur says:

    ZEE5 is working hard to keep their audience entertained by updating shows and movies regularly. This is great work done by the team. I like their platform too.

  2. Tina Basu says:

    I have been watching a lot of content on Zee5. They have really good content. FInal call I haven’t watched yet, but am keen on watching it. Now OTT is the new normal – much better than regular TV soaps!!

  3. Ruchi Verma says:

    I have Zee5 and must agree that there are really some good and classic movies which I missed long back got chance to watch now…Good for viewers like me who love movies!!

  4. Zee 5 is coming up with great content and is getting aggressive with new web series and movies. This lockdown has given us some time in our hand, and watch these series and movies to keep us entertained

  5. Neha Sharma says:

    Oh, I was not aware that we could watch premium content for free on Zee5, we got subscription 2 months back and our weekends are all about binge-watching series and movies on Zee5.

  6. snigdha says:

    I have yet not signed up for ZEE5 platform and now i guess it is the right time to start.

  7. Charu says:

    I have been binge watching Zee5 all through during this lockdown. It’s like our family’s go-to entertainment. Love how they have a variety of movies catering all genres.

  8. Zahra says:

    Zee5 has been really coming up with brilliant content and catering to multilingual audiences with the now topics. It is highly competitive compared to Netflix.

  9. Dr Bushra says:

    Thanks for sharing this list. Never know that the some of the premium content are available free on zee5 in this lockdown. These movies are evergreen. Love to watch

  10. We have checked out many series on zee5. They have good collection in regional as well as English. Comedy is a life saver in current stress full environment.

  11. Varsh says:

    I haven’t heard about some of these movies but would love to check them out on ZEE5. They have some amazing content lined up for us viewers.

  12. Rajshree says:

    This is one amazing list of movies. I am surely going to binge on some of them this weekend. Also, Great Grand Masti & Double Dhamaal are such funny picks, I loved them.

  13. MeenalSonal says:

    ZEE5 has surely have movies and shows for each interest. Comedy is my all time favourite and have watched all movies listed in the post, can view it again and again.

  14. This one is an amazing list and it is great that ZEE5 now offering this for free. I had already watched double dhamal and behen hogi teri and enjoyed it too. will explore other options too, which you had shared here.

  15. I am intrigued by the we series that Zee5 is offering that too in multi-languages. Recently, subscribed it and I am not at all repenting for my decision.

  16. […] Also, if you want to binge watch some more content on ZEE5 here’s a List of movies for free! […]

  17. Roma says:

    Like you I too allow my kid to choose what he wishes to watch for his entertainment and ZEE5 is my go to too. Will surely check out the shows you recommended buddy

  18. Kavita Singh says:

    ZEE5 is a wonderful platform to take a break from our daily life and enjoy some fun movies or shows. I love the variety of options on this platform and have been a constant viewer for quite some time now.

  19. Alpana Deo says:

    We don’t have Zee5 subscription. So far Amazon and Netflix is solving our purpose but I am hearing a lot about Zee5 shows.

  20. I had no idea that we could watch ZEE5 for free! I am going to check out the content you shared and binge watch them this week. Glad you shared.

    • Anita says:

      I like the Zee5 webseries available .The free and premium content and movies are very entertaining. Its available at a good budget and thus its popular.

  21. I have seen few movies and shows from ZEE5 the contents are mixed but there are some awesome shows to watch as well. I haven’t seen any of the movies you listed, some how I have given up Inder kumar production house. Recently I watched a series Kaafir from the same OTT platform and it was awesome.

  22. Richa sharma says:

    I don’t have zee5 subscription yet. After reading your article I will definitely subscribe zee5 for sure. I think they have great content and an awesome collection of mind-blowing movies. Keep the good work up 👍

  23. […] ZEE5 has premium content you can binge on if you want to watch movies for FREE […]

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  25. I’m gonna binge watch this now. Seems really interesting. 🙂

  26. I can definitely watch a few of these popular movies on Zee5, although I must confess Netflix offers way better content right now, in terms of variety and originality.

  27. Me n my husband are binge watching zee5 too for sme good shows n movies.

  28. Zee5 has always been my go-to especially for watching Karenjit Kaur series. Would love to watch few more too.

  29. Abha Singh says:

    We don’t have zee5 subscription but after reading about some awesome series on this platform I think we can try this sometimes.

  30. Gaya3 says:

    Seriously I need this badly. Haven’t watched any of these and will do check these out. Thanks for the music suggestions as I would love it the most.

  31. Sundeep says:

    Yes, Recently I subscribed to Zee5 not for the movies but for the series. There are so many good web series on Zee5 I am recently watching ABHAY on Zee5. And trust me I am loving this series

  32. This is such a great list! I would love to watch all of them, especially the Grand masti one as it’s been ages I have seen some adult comedy!

  33. Manisha says:

    The Final Call is on my list to watch, really looks very interesting.

  34. Ghunjain says:

    Me and my family use to watch zee5.. thanks for sharing it

  35. I have zee5 premium subscription cz there’s a buzz in the air about the content they are offering and I have watched some too, and wasn’t let down at all; take final call for example, a very different story yet engaging.

    • Just to let you know, I have been eating up the content on zee5 :P. I literally have finished almost all the movies and shows on zee5 that interests me during this lockdown period.

  36. Dr Bushra says:

    Indeed the content at zee5 is entertaining, and much needed during this lockdown scenario. Thanks for listing them check them out soon.

  37. Abha Singh says:

    Never tried Zee5 for our family. We still prefer Netflix and Amazon prime. But I think we can try this platform sometimes.

  38. sapna bansal says:

    wow..such a great news during this lockdown period..will watch all movies

  39. Mrinal Kiran says:

    Behen hogi teri sounds like a fun watch… Thank you for sharing… Will be watching these soon!

  40. Nitya says:

    I’m going to watch all the movies on Zee5. Thank you for sharing this.

  41. Zee5 has been my new movie destination. Also watched their few dramas and enjoyed them.

  42. Zee5 is very nice platform to watch variety of Entertainment programs, movies at your ease.

  43. Zee5 is getting popularity due to some of their shows. And after the free movies, it is definitely gonna get a hike in their viewership.

  44. I love binge watching, this seems amazing. I am all set for the weekend.

  45. Vashi says:

    I have yet not signed up for this platform but i guess now is the right time to start.

  46. Zee5 is undoubtedly getting agressive on the OTT platform with new series and now free movies. Good for viewers and zee5

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