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shapewear, sportswear & plus size

Since a few years now, online shopping has become a convenient way to buy things. Yes, some of us still enjoy the traditional way of purchasing items and carrying the heavy bags home, but, during this pandemic, many of us were forced to shop from the comfort of our homes. This has resulted in an increase of shopping portals all across the world.

lover beauty collection lingerie shapewear jumpsuit swimwear global delivery
Best Shapewear for ladies

For moms like me, shopping online has its own conveniences. And then there are times when we do not find exactly what we want. While browsing through the internet, I found another shopping website called Lover-Beauty. Have you heard of it? Though you can pay only in USD, GBP and EUR, they provide global delivery for men and women. You can also order in bulk (up to 200 pieces) just in case you have a good clientele for their products. So, here are some of the clothing on Lover-Beauty (FOR WOMEN ONLY) that were difficult to find otherwise.

lover beauty collection lingerie shapewear jumpsuit swimwear global delivery
Casual Jumpsuits for women
  1. MOTHER-DAUGHTER SWIMSUIT – I loved the variety of swimwear they have for mothers and daughters. They have such cute pairs with bright and fun colours which I thought was perfect for an enjoyable day at the beach.
  2. JUMPSUIT – After my tweens, I have not worn jumpsuits. And off late, with jumpsuits being in vogue, I thought of getting one for myself. I wanted to try them out at least once and own one. If you are in the same boat as I am, here are some sexy but casual jumpsuits for women.
  3. BACKLESS BRA – This is something I find only when I’m lucky. I looked a lot for a backless bra after I got myself a backless gown but eventually found them only during my international travels. Here, on Lover-Beauty, they have some gorgeous underwear options for revealing outfits.
  4. BLACK WAIST TRAINING SHAPER – I have found body-hugging lingerie on several websites, but have you ever wondered what some people actually wear to get that hour-glass figure look? Yes, a black waist training shaper! A waist trainer is like a belt meant to squeeze your midsection as much as possible. This was like the best shapewear I found online!
  5. PLUS SIZE LINGERIE – I have a puny structure but I think my plus-sized friends would certainly feel sensual in these gorgeous lingerie selections on Lover-Beauty, which I felt could be perfect for their romantic getaways too!

Lover-Beauty also has a whole section of jumpsuits, shapewear, sportswear & plus size clothing that can be purchased for less than USD 7/-; everything from swimwear to cold shoulder tops. While there are chances that Santa could be quarantined this December, you can still have fun with the variety of Christmas lingerie they have on their website for you.

lover beauty christmas
Festive lingerie collection
Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva, besides being a mother of two angels, is a belly dancer, writer and photographer. She loves partying, bowling and eating sushi. There is a detailed biography about her on the ABOUT ME page in case you would like to know more. :) You can like and follow her Facebook page to get all updates on the latest blogs and more:


  1. Dipika Singh says:

    Never heard about this brand but the collection looks really nice glad that I have stopped at your blog to read and learn about a new lingerie and shapewear brand

  2. So many great options at Lover Beauty, right from inner wear to jumpsuits they have it all. I am surely going to hop onto their website and check out their collection now.

  3. Sayeri says:

    When I wear one piece, I always prefer to wear shape wear but the problem is all online shape wears are not well fitted, so will definitely try this website to order the best shape wear

  4. Dr Bushra says:

    The collection at lovers beauty is trendy. So many options available to choose the right inner wear for yourself. Love to check out

  5. Plus size are actually difficult to find and if we find there are very less options to look for. This website looks to have all items one is looking for. Will check this, thanks for recommending.

  6. Judy Morris says:

    I am sure to check out this website. I wanted a beach swimsuit for self for beach trips. Plus I can recommend this website to my plus sizes friends also.

  7. Varsh says:

    Jumpsuits and backless bras are on my wishlist for so long. Thanks for suggesting this website where I can get stuff of my choice and pamper myself!

  8. Neha Jain says:

    Thank you for sharing this online site for shopping this is really nice with such a good collection I would recommend it to my sister as well she was looking for plus size options

  9. I am not a big fan of fancy lingerie. But must say this site has some good options for shapewear and lingerie. I will suggest this to my bhabhi.

  10. Good find for plus size wearers. Seems they have some good collection too. Would have been better had they accept iNDIAN RUPEES TOO.

  11. Ruchi Verma says:

    This site looks great and even they have jumpsuits too, I will surely check the collection. Thanks for recommending this !!

  12. We are all at home during this pandemic situation and online shopping is picking up. Glad I got to know about this new lingerie site I can browse now.

  13. Alpana says:

    Online shopping had become very convenient these days and it has variety. I liked the jumpsuit. I will let my sister and friends know about this website.

  14. Amrit Kaur says:

    It ia good to see wide range of choices available on the website for every size. My bhabhi wears shapewear so she would surely order from here soon.

  15. The website looks like it is a one stop destination for intimate wears. I like the fact that they deliver globally and are priced at affordable range. I am definitely recommending this site to my cousin who is all set to marry at the year end. I am sure she will enjoy the purchases through this site.

  16. Keeping the current situation in mind, online shopping is the way to go and thanks to this site women can now have a wide range of collection to shop from.i will check this site out too.

  17. Raksha says:

    Ya this is important as with the current situation I think the best way to go ahead is by buying these online. I have ordered sportswear online before and they have been good. I would like to order and see the others as to how they turn out.

  18. Vishakha Sodha says:

    This is amazing! I love the add on products they offer now, the quality looks great too

  19. I can recommend Lover Beauty to a lot of my friends. I think some of them would be interested in plus size clothing. Personally, I think the Festive lingerie collection will be a great gifting item.

  20. With the pandemic condition, there are no other choices but to go online for everything. Good to have such sites. I loved the multicolored jumpsuit for women. Bright printed and looks so good.

  21. Jenifer says:

    I liked the brand name Lover beauty. Will check out their collection as per ur suggestion & buy soon.

  22. Im so glad for this post ; you solved a major problem ; with my fav plus size site gone; i was wondering where to get my swim suits, shapers etc from now kn. checkjng them out right now

  23. Urvashi says:

    Wow. This sounds exciting. It must be such a relief for women shoppers. With COVID around it’s best to go with online shopping. Good to have range of choices for all kinds of customers

  24. website really has great collection and range. I am always in search of right plus size for me, now my search ends.

  25. I am in search of jumpsuits.. And this site looks good to buy. I will check this out. thanks, for sharing. 🙂

    • SwatiMathur says:

      Lover beauty has wide range of products and quality seems to be really good. Would love to try few of them. Thanks for sharing.

  26. This website definitely has all solutions for lingerie and shapewear. I need to get some backless bras too.

  27. Sundeep says:

    Yes, I am totally agree on this that plus size wears are hardly available in India. I never heard about this website before. Will definitely going to check out this later. Thanks for recommending

  28. Ishieta says:

    what a great find! plus size wear is difficult to find in India most certainly, and every trip abroad you can buy only so much! Definitely glad to have this option for shapewear and cute wear 🙂

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