With kids, shopping is like doing another house chore, isn’t it? At least, I feel that way. There is whining when it is not something they need. There is always something else required by the baby when we are doing totally the opposite. I wonder if that’s a skill they learn in the womb.

Lifestyle online
The convenience of shopping online

The other day we entered a Lifestyle store and almost immediately my son says, ‘this is boring mamma let’s go somewhere else’. He is 3.5. Of course, I did not give in and continued with my shopping but the stress, of explaining and keeping them happy at the same time, is quite tiring. Kids are so pampered with their changed lifestyle these days that they do not know the meaning of shopping. I remember enjoying those weekends when I would happily join my mom and my brother to shop for groceries at a supermarket and then get some dinner at the mall beside it. We did not have play zones to entertain us back then.

Lifestyle online
Online shopping is the best!

Today, my kids only come with me to the mall if there is a chance that they will get to visit a play area there. Or perhaps attend an event there. Otherwise, they prefer staying home and passing their time anyhow. So, while I have lost the strength to shop along with my kids, as hubby is mostly away, I have resorted to Lifestyle online shopping, something that I can do even while I’m putting the kids to bed.

Lifestyle online
Shopping from the comfort of my home

There are several reasons why I shop online:

  1. Convenience: This is, of course, the main reason that supersedes shopping in stores. Like I mentioned above, I can shop in my pajamas from the comfort of my bed looking homeless, while my kids are around me. Isn’t that the most convenient shopping lifestyle?
  2. Better prices: Have you looked at the variety of things they have online? Besides that, there are such awesome discounts that even if you are hesitant to buy something; you will end up buying it so that you save when the prices increase.
  3. No crowd: I despise crowds. I will not enter a shop if I see that it is crowded. I personally do not prefer visiting a mall on the weekend as it is super crowded and there is an endless line for changing rooms.  So, not crowded means I’m totally there.
  4. No driving in traffic: Our metro cities have gotten so busy, with so many people travelling on the roads every day, that travelling for just one outfit wouldn’t seem worth the time we have to spend on the road. Home is the best place to shop.
  5. You can send gifts: This is one of my favourite reasons. Gifting someone is usually hard for me and I always prefer giving presents that would be useful to them so visiting several shops for something I’m not sure I’ll find is quite a tedious task. Shopping online makes gifting so much easier because you can look up a variety of useful things, enter their address and poof; it reaches them without you having to move an inch!
Lifestyle online
Easily sending gifts online

So, whether I’m with kids or not, my wardrobe welcomes a new outfit every two months. All the friends’ birthdays are followed by sending a gift to them, through an online portal. I’m not a shopaholic, but I love spending time online and I am quite content with this lifestyle now.

Do you like shopping online? What is your feedback or reasons for it?

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Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva
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  1. Supriti Garg says:

    ahh.. ONline shopping is a boon for moms. after delivering my son, i have been a die hard fan of online shopping. Nothing can beat the ease.. N with lifestyle coming online, it has just added variety and more choices.. 🙂

  2. I shop online but for garments I am bit skeptical. I prefer shopping garments from Mall. But the discounts and points attained from online shopping is always tempting.

  3. Arushi Seth says:

    Though I also shop online most of the times, but i love to visit malls and shops and try on things before i buy. But i agree shopping with kids and handling their boredom is quite a task.

  4. Brinda says:

    Online shopping is okay when kids are sick or you need to buy a gift. But I do prefer to try on and feel the fabric before I buy clothes. I go only on weekdays and when kids are away at school to shop peacefully.
    Most of my online shopping is for groceries and stuff I can’t find locally. But with way covid19 is spreading, online shopping may be the way to go!

  5. ginia says:

    Online shopping is a boon for everybody in this very fast paced life. I dint know that Lifestyle had an online store. I usually buy everything from amazon. Will try it now.

  6. Yogita Joshi says:

    Online shopping is indeed a savior.. I buy everything online, grocies, clothing, homedecor, even medicines… This help me plan my weekends in fun way than going to shop…

  7. I buy stuff from online but I do love shopping from malls also, we can’t trust online totally. This is what I think

  8. Neha Jain says:

    I am the one who shops a lot online and this is awesome you can get so many good offers and enjoy shopping time without getting tired

  9. Heena Dhedhi says:

    With two kids now, I am an online shopper… it makes my life simpler and easier.

  10. Tina Basu says:

    I would say yes to online shopping anyday as long as they have a good return policy in case the dres doesnt fit. It saves all the travel and traffic woes.

  11. Indumathi says:

    As you said online shopping has so many advantages . We won’t buy more , convenient etc . and I definitely love online shopping . But shopping in store gives us some different feel as well . I like both

  12. Dr Bushra says:

    No doubt online shopping is far more convenient as well we can shop from comfort of our home and peace of mind.

  13. Jhilmil says:

    Lifestyle has been one of my favourite destination to shop and what better than their range available online!

  14. Neha Sharma says:

    I never liked online shopping but now I thrive on it, reason? I became a mom. And just like any other mother I dread going out for shopping with my kid. He’s always running around, once he even ran out of the store while I was making the payment. And yes the best part of online shopping is getting great deals.

  15. I am a total online shopping buff babes thus can so relate to your article. I have to check lifestyle online

  16. sonal jain says:

    Great post. Would love to collaborate on a similar post on Pipa Bella clothing.

  17. Harjeet Kaur says:

    I love to shop online and the reasons listed by u r what I follow too. Good deals and no hassle of driving motivates me.

  18. I checked the Lifestyle offline but this time I will try online too. Online shopping is a time saver and value for money too.

  19. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    I have always been fond of the Lifestyle brand and enjoy browsing through their collections. Glad to know it is available online now.

  20. Fareha says:

    That’s absolutely true. Online shopping does save a lot of time and hassle, needless to mention the discounts and offers to grab for. I too indulge in a lot of online shopping than offline.

  21. I do shop from online as well as from store. At times I discover treasures from thrift shops.

  22. rashmi says:

    i like to shop online too. so much more convenient. and there are so much offers always running.

  23. I love online shopping too, wait choose and shop in the comfort of your home. With discounts galore.

  24. PraGun says:

    I stay near a hill station and the main city or metropolitan is quite far from here, so I always prefer online shopping as its easy and the best possible option for us staying atop hills.
    Also, one gets so much of choice to choose from and returns are also hassle-free these days.

  25. Yes with changing time and over busy schedule online shopping is a great option. I enjoy both and sometimes missed my old days when I used to do market shopping with my friends and family.

  26. My hubby is biggest online shopper and I love to do store shopping .
    with online shopping no doubt life become easier.
    lifestyle store is always my first preference in terms of shopping .

  27. Sundeep says:

    A big yes for online shopping. I prefer to shop online. There are so many advantages of online shopping. One of the reason for me is I have more access to a variety of products.

  28. I like online shopping because I hate to visit crowded malls and also I get more options online. Thanks for the lovely read yet again.

  29. Yes, I often shop online to save time and look for more options. And ofcourse it is the easiest way for gifting.

  30. Well I also think like you🤩 shopping with kids is actually a herculean task for me . I feel lost with 2 kids in a mall, both have their own demands and listening to them I actually forgot what I was planned to buy . Online shopping is savior for moms like us.

  31. Amrit Kaur says:

    I have been shopping online since long. Most of the times it is a good experience with great discounts or cashbacks. I rarely go for offline shopping now.

  32. Manisha Garg says:

    I have checked the Lifestyle store online and they have frequent offers which are very beneficial.

  33. Lifestyle has been the go to store whenever I got to go shopping, but their presence in e-commerce market is gonna be a boon.

  34. Lifestyle has been one of my favourite brands for shopping. I have witnessed its development throughout the years and love the collection, totally.

  35. Urvashi says:

    Online Shopping is my lifeline yo happy life. I wouldn’t survive this long if online shopping wasn’t an option.

  36. Mrinal Kiran says:

    I always shop online… It saves time and gives me the space to choose what I want, when I want! Nice post!

  37. Pinal Shah says:

    Totally agreed with u😊 I would say “YES” online shopping…
    Online shopping sometimes gives such good deals that you end up saving more than you actually spend..

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