Ragi is a wonder grain. This gluten free flour is a rich source of calcium, fibre and has high protein content. It is perfect for the growth of children. We can make a variety of dishes with ragi and one such recipe, which kids would really love, is Baked Ragi Chips.

baked ragi chips calcium fibre protein
Baked Ragi Chips

My little one has taken a liking for fried food and wafers lately and I was really trying hard to think of a healthy substitute. Gone are those days when he would just eat and drink anything I gave him. Ever since he has entered the Terrible Twos, he has become very picky about what he wants to eat and what not.

When I made these oven-baked ragi chips with whole wheat, I was a happy mommy as my son loved them too!

baked ragi chips calcium fibre protein
Ragi is loaded with calcium, fibre and protein

This superfood has been an essential part of Indian kitchens for centuries and recently, fitness freaks, all over the country, are going gaga over it. While you can easily grab a packet from the stores or online portals, I personally feel it is rather easy to make a fresh batch of chips at home instead. Why? Because you would know exactly what ingredients you use to make them.

Benefits of the wonder grain called ragi.

  • It is gluten-free
  • It is a good source of fibre
  • It is full of iron and magnesium
  • It is loaded with calcium so good for the bones
  • It is packed with anti-oxidants which makes it good for your skin too
baked ragi chips calcium fibre protein
baked ragi chips filled with calcium fibre protein



½ cup Whole Wheat Flour (the one we use to make chappati/roti)
¼ cup Ragi/ Millet Flour
¼ tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Sesame Seeds
1 tsp Flax Seeds
½ tsp Salt
1 tbsp Ghee
Water to knead the dough

baked ragi chips calcium fibre protein
Make small balls of the dough


  • Add the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
  • Add the ghee and mix it with your fingers to nicely coat the flour.
  • Add water gradually to make the dough stiff. Do not add a lot of water, but just enough to combine all the ingredients.
  • Rest the dough for 15 minutes by covering it with a damp cloth.
baked ragi chips calcium fibre protein
Flatten the dough
  • Flatten each ball of dough to a thin sheet; the sides may break but that’s okay. Cut into classic triangles or whatever shapes you fancy.
  • Preheat the oven at 175 degree Celsius.
  • Grease the baking tray with ghee or oil. Place the triangles on the tray and put them in the oven.
  • You can bake each batch of chips for 12 minutes.

After baking, let it cool completely before you or your kids dig into them.

baked ragi chips calcium fibre protein
My little one enjoying every piece

Try these crunchy ragi chips with your favourite toppings to make canapés.

If you tried this recipe and liked it, do comment below and share the same with friends and family.

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baked ragi chips calcium fibre protein
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  1. Arti Singh says:

    That was super yumm and healthy too

  2. Swarnali Das says:

    My daughter loves to eat chips, thanks for this idea to give her healthy food.

    • Karen Dsouza says:

      Even my sons habit of eating chips gave me this idea to make some healthy ragi chips, which otherwise he would not eat any other way.

  3. Knowing the benefits of Ragi I can tell you that Ragi chips will be an instant hit with my kids. I highly endorse these chips.

  4. Dipika Singh says:

    I have never tried Ragi chips, though it looks like a very healthy option, I don’t fancy the taste of this staple. during my stay in Bangalore I have tried Ragi balls but somehow the taste didn’t click

    • Karen Dsouza says:

      i am sure this will change your experience. Do try it, you can add some fenugreek leaves or curry leaves with the dough for extra flavors. i even added flax seeds and sesame seeds.

  5. You are not only a great writer but a superb cook too! I am definitely trying this tomorrow!

  6. Raksha says:

    Wow, this is such a cool healthy snack. I like Ragi only in some things but this crisp add on is such a great way to have ragi and get its benefits. I will try this out this weekend and see if I like it.

  7. I make whole wheat baked chips, but not tried with ragi yet. Will make them now. A great way to get the kids to have ragi.

  8. Jenifer says:

    I don’t like Ragi even though I know it’s healthy. But I can add my favourite toppings to make canapés.
    That way I can eat. So can try out this recipe.

  9. We enjoy flavored ragi chips. Always our go to but never tried making them at home. I’m surely gona trh this at home.

  10. Wow Cindy, they indeed look very delicious and healthy. As I pregnant mother, I am craving over it now and I am surely trying it over the weekend. I shall definitely tag you and Karen when I make it and hopefully when it comes out well.

  11. Urvashi says:

    Wow. This is such an innovative twist to old roti and ragi sheera. Kids get bored and this is so interesting just like nachos. Would like to have myself.

  12. These seems like a healthy snack for both adults and kids. I am surely going to try this simple recipe over the weekend. Hope it turns out as well as yours

  13. Sayeri says:

    Baked ragi chips? It sounds so good because ragi is very healthy for children and they always enjoy eating yummy ragi

  14. Dr Bushra says:

    I’ve never tried baked ragi chips before. Indeed ragi is Superfoods loaded with so many health benefits. This looks so delicious and lip smacking. Indeed quick and easy recipe. Definitely gonna try soon.

  15. Ragi chips, it is so healthy option to snack on. Well, honestly I have not included Ragi as active fibre food, shall start with this.

  16. Judy Morris says:

    wow that is such a healthy snack for kids to munch on.. It also easy to prepare. I remember when I was in Bangalore one of the people I met mentioned that ragi ball was earlier a staple in every household.

    • Karen Dsouza says:

      Yes. It is true. But not many like the texture of Ragi Balls and especially kids to convince them to eat. When made in a fun way to snack on, you’ll be amazed to see your kids enjoy eating it.

  17. Varsh says:

    Ragi is a superfood and one of the best sources of calcium. Loved this recipe. The triangular shape make those chips look even better.

  18. Neha Jain says:

    Thank you for sharing such a healthy baking recipe I am surely going to try it soon. Healthy bakes are on my first priority always

  19. This surely is a very easy n nice recipe to make snacking healthily and fun specially for kids. I am gonna try this as my kids love to snack on crispy items.

  20. Wow! Ragi chips with whole wheat and baked also..what a healthy combination. I will definitely try these chips. Thanks for giving this idea and sharing the recipe.

  21. I remember I used to feed Ragi kheer to my daughter when she was one. This grain is super healthy. thanks for sharing recipe of Ragi chips , will definitely try.

    • Karen Dsouza says:

      For toddlers who know their preferences, it’s tricky to convince them to eat what’s healthy for them.. So we as mothers need to be flexible to make their favourite snacks with a healthy twist to it.

  22. Ruchi Verma says:

    This seems not only tasty but healthy too…I really want to try this for kids and sure they will love this Thanks for sharing !!

  23. This is such a healthy recipe for a health freak like me. I will definitely try it out and reshare on my website

  24. SwatiMathur says:

    Wow.. Loved it. Fried but still healthy. It has high iron content which is other wise lacking in vegetarian food. So would love to try and loved the way your kid is ralishing it.

  25. I know Ragi is highly nutritious and I make ragi roti sometimes. I had never heard about Ragi chips but after reading this post feeling inspired to try out it soon. Hoping it taste good too..

  26. Alpana says:

    yummy. I have Ragi flour at home. Will try to make these for snacking. I will experiment with some spices to give them a taste of pita chips.

    • Karen Dsouza says:

      Sure. I have added some flax seeds, Sesame seeds, dried fenugreek as well.. You can add some spices of your choice to make it even tastier. For adults, even Chilli Flakes can be used to give it some spice element.

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