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June 15, 2021
June 20, 2021
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Some of us NEED that extra boost to get through our tiring days. Take a break from your busy day and give yourself a little bit of love and care by establishing a simple make-up routine.

Just like many mums, we tend to get busy with various things like taking care of our children, our home, and our jobs, which may lead us to forget what makes us happy. However, we can still power through all those chores and feel beautiful at the same time.

A simple make-up routine has proven to be a good self-care activity because it can make us more aware of our beauty, thus empowering us to feel more confident all day long. Most importantly, busy mums like us can finish a make-up routine in just five minutes with these essential products.

Make-up items

Make-up to boost confidence:


You will definitely feel more confident after applying this product which gives you a good look while also protecting your skin. As soon as you apply a silicone-based primer to your skin, you will immediately notice that your skin looks much smoother. You wonโ€™t even notice any fine lines or wrinkles, though, flaunting them is the best feeling.

This product also serves as a protective barrier between your skin and your make-up, which helps prevent make-up-induced acne. Your skin will still look great, even when you take off the products.


Through the magic of a good concealer, no one will ever guess that you slept only for a few hours the previous night. It can even hide big, red pimples, making your skin look flawless and perfect in just a few taps.

Concealers are perfect for busy women who want to cover a few problem areas. You wonโ€™t need to apply it all over your face, so you can still flaunt your natural skin while successfully concealing the pimples and dark circles under your eyes.


Blush is an underrated make-up product that can make you look more radiant and youthful. If you apply it properly based on the shape of your face, it can also be used to accentuate your natural features.

For instance, those with round face shapes can apply blush in an upwards motion to add a bit of contour to their cheeks. Women with heart-shaped faces, on the other hand, can soften the angles of their faces by applying the product on the apples of their cheeks. Women with square face shapes can complement their strong jawlines by applying the product right above the area where their cheeks indent. You can also try dusting the product lightly above your nose!


Tired of smudged or trickling down make-up? That’s already a thing of the past. You can secure your make-up and make your skin look amazing at the same time by using make-up setting sprays. With just a few spritzes of the product all over your face, you can be assured that your make-up will stay put all day long.

You can also use make-up setting sprays to solve some of the most common beauty problems! Some products can lock in your make-up and mattify your oily skin, at the same time. There are also setting sprays that contain hydrating ingredients, which are perfect for those with dry skin.

Red lipstick gives you confidence!


This list would not be complete without the classic red lipstick. The bold and vivid colour of this staple make-up product will instantly make you feel confident and sexy. In historical events, women have used red lipstick as a sign of liberation and female strength. Similarly, you can be an empowered and confident woman by topping up your make-up routine by smearing your lips with a powerful and long-lasting red lipstick.

So, as you can see, practicing self-care doesnโ€™t have to be a task. Instead, if your mind is made up, you can boost your confidence while practicing self-care, too. Use these five essential make-up products and perhaps kajal, and see how you feel because these products are easy to use, even by busy mums!

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  1. Monidipa says:

    I don’t use concealer but I use primer and I love red lipstick. I do have 46 different shades of lipstick though, I am crazy about it. And yes all these are definitely must need in the kit.

  2. Suhasini I.P. says:

    I am not a makeup person. But the things that I always carry in my bag are my Kajal and compact.

  3. These are definitely in my bag whenever I go out. Red lipsticks definitely are mood boosters.

  4. These 5 products are always getting to-go list. If someone uses primer she does not need foundation always. Red lipstick has it’s different aura one cannot forget. Great post.

  5. I love to wear make-up on and off. Yes, I strongly believe make-up boosts confidence. Albeit it totally depends on person to person how much they want themselves to wear on.

  6. Abha Mondal says:

    I started using a face primer recently and I felt the difference. Other products I use regularly. Yes, I agree makeup gives you confidence.

  7. Swati Mathur says:

    Agree make up does boost your confidence for me khol and lipstick do all the wonders.

  8. Lipstick, concealer, kajal and eyeliner are a must haves for me. Always carry them with me.

  9. Simrit Bedi says:

    For me lipstick and a Kajal are a must. I have never used a setting spray.but have heard that it really stays well for a long time. Will buy a setting spray soon

  10. Aditi Kapur says:

    Primer and concealer are a part of my makeup kit but for the reason unknown, I don’t use red lipstick;)
    I go for maroon or rust but shy from picking up red.
    *Shall try now!

  11. Till date I have not used setting spray, shall get it as we want to look same till party ends. Rest of the stuff I have it, but red lipstick somehow makes me conscious too.

  12. Anjali Gupta says:

    Not a make-up person at all. I guess I’d share this with friends who may be able to use all the valuable tips. But do agree on the lipstick part. It is bold and gets everyone to notice you; self-confidence comes automatically then I guess when one is happy about one’s appearance!!! Nice post.

  13. For me, lipsticks are the go-to product as I don’t normally wear other make-up. Maybe khol or eyeliner once in a while. Now with masks on, even lipstick is a problem ๐Ÿ™

  14. Blush, concealer and lipstick are my go to for a quick made up look but never tried my hand at a primer. Will give it a try…

  15. Ritu Bindra says:

    Nothing like red lipstick to give that boost of confidence, Cindy. I don’t wear much makeup now since I have ultra-sensitive skin. But kohl and lipstick are my go tos.

  16. Madhu Bindra says:

    I used to enjoy putting on makeup but that a long time ago. I still use red lipsticks. They are a great way to brighten up a tired face.

  17. Harjeet Kaur says:

    I feel jaded and old now. Dorothy has listed out real necessities in any girls make-up kit. I have not used primers or concealers Setting spray has been rare but blusher I use often and red lipstick is a must have.

  18. Primer, foundation, eyeliner and lipstick are my must-haves. Never used a setting spray but now I’m gona try it.

  19. Jigna Vora says:

    This was interesting….no kajal? No eye liner? No mascara? …btw these are my go to’s….and blush…always… also eyeshadow…makeup is so unique to each person ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  20. Another red lipstick fan here! It never fails to perk me up. You look great, Cindy, and thanks for sharing these must-have makeup essentials with us.

  21. Shreemayee Chattoppadhyay says:

    I always use and carry these products except the blush. Actually I’m not so good in the application. And yes, red lipstick can give you that bold and beautiful look that gives you the confidence.

  22. Lipsticks and setting sprays are two must things for me and am carrying them always.

  23. All the tips shared here are very important for me as I feel lost when I sit for make up my face. I also agree, red lipstick gives you the bold look and self-confidence.

  24. Priyanka Nair says:

    Yes, I agree and you look gorgeous! Red lipstick, Kohl and Eye-liner are my go-to things, it also helps me to hide the dullness on my face sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I always use to carry Face primer, Lipstick, concealers, setting spray….. But from today onwards I will keep blush also…. โœŒ๐Ÿป

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