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expired hair conditioners

Some of you may be wondering why I’m even attempting to write such a post. You may be the type who throws out their products as soon as they expire. I hate wasting, in general. If I find products that I won’t be able to use on myself at the moment, I either give them away or sell them. But, what should be done with expired products?

As an influencer, if you are one too, you will surely know what it is like to suddenly find a few expired hair or skincare products lying around the house. Yes, quite disappointing especially if they are unused or barely used. Also, I use shampoos but barely use the conditioners due to time constraints or no patience. So, after searching the internet to make use of my expired hair conditioners, I came across some great uses.

For those of you who, like me, hate wasting your expired hair conditioners, read on to know how you can use them:

expired hair conditioners
Hair conditioners


This was like the best use of expired hair conditioners ever. When you are out of shaving cream or if you barely shave, and don’t want to buy any shaving creams as they would expire due to non-usage, you can use hair conditioners instead. Mix a little water to the blob of conditioner and apply to your skin. It will moisturize your skin at the same time. By doing this, you are sure to save a couple of hundred bucks.


When you are tired after a party and need to remove your make-up, apply some hair conditioner with a cotton swab and voila, your face is not only clean but smooth too. Wash your face with warm water to remove the leftover oils from your skin.


When you are out of body wash or body scrub, simply mix your expired conditioner with a few tablespoons of coarse sugar and the juices of a lemon. This concoction will help moisturize and clean your skin while you scrub, and leave your body feeling soft and fresh.


Do you have cracked or dry foot heels? Before you go to sleep, apply some hair conditioner to your heels until it absorbs. Cover your feet with socks. When you wake up, the moisture in the conditioner will let your heels feel much softer than before. Repeat for a week and see how your heels look and feel.


Softening your nails help make the final look neat and clean. Before you do your manicure, soften your nails by massaging a bit of hair conditioner onto them. Leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing it off. Continue with your manicure.


Sometimes, Band-Aids can be a pain to remove and painful, too. If you ever come across such a situation, rub a little hair conditioner to the spot between the Band-Aid and skin and leave it for a few minutes. You will see that the Band-Aid comes off without a fuss.


We all want to use our lingerie for the longest time due to their cost and feel. In order to eliminate the bacteria from your lingerie, you can soak them in warm water and some hair conditioner so that even the bacteria and dirt will wash off. Hair conditioners have enough cleansing properties to clean your undergarments and keep them soft and smelling fresh, without harming the fabric, thereby making them long-lasting.


Before getting excited, please note that you can use your hair conditioner for zip trouble or easing door hinges. If you have creaky hinges or difficult zips, apply some hair conditioner on them and see how they work with ease. Also, for years we have been using soap to remove our tight bangles and rings, now you can also use your expired hair conditioners to do the same.


Sometimes when your shoes look like they need a bath, quickly dab a clean cloth into some expired hair conditioner and rub your footwear so that it shines and protects the leather from salts and other chemicals. You can also clean stainless steel items like stoves, refrigerators, faucets, etc. with hair conditioners to get them shining.


Have your paint brushes gone hard? Do your make-up brushes need cleaning? Soak your brushes in warm water and a little hair conditioner and leave them for 10 minutes. This will not only clean your brushes but also make them soft and usable.

So, whenever you try any of the above, do let me know how it went. Or if you have already used expired hair conditioners in other ways, do let us know how.

expired hair conditioners
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  1. Aishwarya Iyengar says:

    Oh awesome, i wasn’t aware that we can use expired products in so many ways. Really impressed. Gonna try them surely.

  2. Haha! I’m definitely not the kind of person that throws away expired conditioners – I don’t even check expiry dates on haircare products to be honest… But these tips sure make sense!

  3. A superb fruitful list, Cindy!!
    Loved reading it and some products are my sister favourite so definitely refer her this blog.
    Keep sharing more like these updates.

  4. Mehul Kaku says:

    This is completely new information for me. I will definitely try hair conditioner as a shaving cream. Thank you for the informative post.

  5. I have to use conditioner because of the water quality in England. I never knew that we can use them after expiry date. I will definitely try your tips. Glad you researched and shared this with us.

  6. Wow Cindy you have brought forth the thing which no one would have thought of it. Expired conditioners and the uses you mentioned are the must try for each and every one. We face many issues in our daily life and this conditioner usage can be a win win.

  7. I have been using conditioners as shaving cream in the past. This gives me an affirmation that there’s nothing wrong in it. Thanks

  8. Never knew that expired hair conditioner could be used in so many ways. Those are some great tips. I loved the trick of using it for cracked feet and for lubricating hinges. Wi try that out.

  9. This is really interesting, Cindy. I was aware of its properties as a leather conditioner but not for cracked heels. Unfortunately, I personally cannot use one since I am allergic to glycerin. But will definitely be trying out the tips you shared with the ones lying around.

  10. Shreemayee Chattoppadhyay says:

    I use conditioners regularly. Sometimes they expire and I have to throw them away. You’ve shared really wonderful tips for using them. Thanks dear for such sustainable ways to use them consciously without offering more wastes to the environment.

  11. Such a brilliant post Cindy. The way you mentioned how to use expired hair conditioners is really amazing. I di not know about all these, now I will be more considerate towards daily lifestyle activities and usage of products.

  12. I did not know there were so many uses for an expired hair conditioner. I myself hate throwing away products if hardly used but expired. This is very helpful! Specially the use on cracked heels I have very bad cracked heels which worsen during winters. Will try out an expired conditioner and see how it works.

  13. Akanksha says:

    I use expired hair conditioner as shaving cream sometimes, but I was unaware of so many uses of them. If you have any idea on how to use expired hair shampoos , plz share. I have plenty of them.

  14. I didn’t know we can use a hair conditioner for all these. I have used shampoo as a detergent a few times for delicate clothes. Surely going to try out your tips. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  15. This post is an eye-opener! I certainly did not know that expired hair conditioner could be used in so many ways, especially as a cracked heel cream and makeup remover. Usually, I run out of conditioner before my shampoo is over because I have dry and frizzy hair. I use a lot of conditioner in the hope of taming them. 🤣

  16. Vasumathi says:

    i rarely buy or use conditioners as i have very straight hair and it looks limp. But yes the few that come together as a pack usually lie barely used. I use them to clean my combs & brushes. the cracked feet hack is a good one….worth a try for me as i have perpetually rough heels.

  17. Wow! I never knew that there are so many uses for expired conditioner! Fantastic post, well-researched and informative. Thank you for writing this one.

  18. Priyanka Nair says:

    I never knew that an expired conditioner could be so useful, I have tried using it for woollens once could try with lingerie next time..haha:) Thanks for sharing new ideas 🙂

  19. Amazing post, Cindy. I never use conditioner as I have very silky and limp hair as it is. You have shared amazing ways to use them,I always throw them away but now I know how to use them, Thank you for this useful post with so many tips.

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