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Vasu Sugar Scrub kumkumadi tailam ayurvedic recipe

The pandemic has given rise to little achievements that we had no time for otherwise; like cooking exotic dishes, trying out different artworks, growing our own vegetables and taking care of ourselves. By the latter, I mean working out at home, implementing hair care routines and also taking care of our skin which had been deteriorating due to the pollution exposure, unhealthy eating and crazy lifestyle.

Mother Nature has a lot of natural and exotic herbs that help keep our skin healthy, and as Indians, we truly believe in following her ways. Recently, I got the opportunity to try out Vasu Sugar Scrub which has more of a traditional touch to it as it is made in India and includes an age old Ayurvedic recipe for healthy skin. I was pretty excited because I LOVE scrubs!

Vasu Sugar Scrub
I love scrubs!

As it is enriched with the power of 22 herbs, Vasu Sugar Scrub has a comforting fragrance. It is dermatologically tested for safety and free from animal derivatives, Parabens, mineral oil, Formaldehyde and harmful dyes. Most of you will not feel any irritation on your skin as this product is a hallmark of premium quality.

Vasu Sugar Scrub kumkumadi tailam ayurvedic recipe
Vasu Sugar Scrub with Kumkumadi Tailam and Vitamin E


  1. ELIMINATES SEBUM, DIRT AND GRIME – Our glands secrete an oily substance called sebum, which helps protect the skin from the environment. But excess of this waxy substance in a follicle can cause several issues like acne, oily skin and bumps under the skin where the sebum gets trapped. And, the improper removal of sebum can cause scars and irritation. Here, Vasu Sugar Scrub helps remove the impurities, allowing you to have clean and smooth skin. The final picture says it all.
  2. PROVIDES INTENSE MOISTURIZATION – Harsh soaps and detergents can make your skin scaly. Irregular eating habits and malnutrition are also linked to the decline in one’s sebum production. Here, Vasu Sugar Scrub moisturizes the skin to avoid dryness. My skin felt quite soft after use.
  3. NOURISHES AND REJUVENATES YOUR SKIN – A total skin rejuvenation includes improvement in uneven skin tones, tightening of loose skins, healing of skin if sun-damaged and lightening of acne scars too. Not sure if this will work for reducing my freckle marks.
  4. REDUCES FINE LINES AND WRINKLES – Besides the brown sugar, which is a gentle exfoliant for sensitive skin, and Vitamin-E, which is the antioxidant that protects and strengthens the skin against pollution, this scrub also includes Kumkumadi Tailam which is an amazing Ayurvedic concoction of herbs that help to make your skin radiant and youthful, naturally. . I like to believe that I do not have any wrinkles yet, so I cannot say if this really works or not.
Vasu Sugar Scrub kumkumadi tailam ayurvedic recipe
Being a photographer, I tend to take product pictures from different angles!


In case of any irritation, Vasu Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. advises its customers to discontinue using the product if they are hypersensitive to any of the mentioned ingredients.

Vasu Sugar Scrub kumkumadi tailam ayurvedic recipe
Application is pretty easy… Try it!


Gently massage the Vasu Sugar Scrub on wet face for a couple of minutes before you wash it off. If you do not wet your face, the thick gel can get quite sticky on your skin. You can apply the scrub once or twice a week. Avoid contact with eyes.

Furthermore, drinking plenty of water can provide noticeable results by:

(a) improving skin tone and texture

(b) refining the contours of your face

Vasu Sugar Scrub kumkumadi tailam ayurvedic recipe
My skin so smooth after using the Vasu Sugar Scrub – #nofilter


With 40 years of excellence, Vasu Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has made available their products in more than 40 countries all over the world. The Sugar Scrub costs Rs. 750/- for 50ml. But you can get it at a discounted rate at the moment at Rs. 375/- on Vasu Store and Rs. 399/- on Amazon. Hurry up!

I, personally, love the Vasu Sugar Scrub and use it once a week. Have you used any products from Vasu Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.? How did you like the product you used? Would you care to include this scrub in your skin care regime?

Vasu Sugar Scrub kumkumadi
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Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva
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  1. Raksha says:

    Interesting to read that there is a sugar scrub. And good to know the benefits of this sugar scrub product. I would love to try this product and see how my skin reacts.

  2. Mandavi Jaiswal says:

    I didnt know that scrubs help reduce lines and wrinkles. Thats definately something I want, its my top 3 skin care worries. Glad I read it on your post

  3. Sayeri says:

    I love trying different scrubs and sugar scrubs are my favorite also. It helps to remove dirts so well. And its always good to use such organic products for healthy glowing skin

  4. Varsh says:

    Heard about this brand but haven’t used it’s products yet. I use scrubs regularly too and would love to try out this one. Seems to have great results.

  5. MeenalSonal says:

    Scrubbing with sugar crystals is surely a good way to revitalise the skin plus when it is mixed with natural ingredients is a bonus for skin to shine. Thanks for the detailed review, I will get this product as no facials and cleanup is making skin dull.

  6. Snigdha says:

    This really looks like a promising product for skin. I am gonna get this and will add to my regular skincare regimen.

  7. Neha Sharma says:

    This sugar scrub looks really good but I am hearing about the brand for the first time. Thanks for sharing your helpful review. I will check out their website for more products.

  8. I love getting different skincare products. This one definitely looks really promising. I really like the texture of this scrub. Trying this out for sure.

  9. The product is looking good and the best part, this is made in India. I am in the favour of promoting Indian skincare products. Thanks for the review. I love to scrub, I will try this.

  10. Jenifer says:

    No I care to know first time about the brand. They are in industry for 40years wow. I can surely try this scrub then.

  11. Wow, sugar scrubs are usually my favorites as its scrubs out the dirt better and give a fresh feel to the skin. And since Vasu Scrub also has kumkumadi and vitamin E, I believe this is exactly the product that would help your skin glow too. Shall try this brand too.

  12. Manisha Garg says:

    The product looks promising. I prefer products for my skincare too. Since it has sugar do we need to use within a stipulated time period?

  13. My wife uses Ayurvedic products and this one will fit the bill perfectly. I will now recommend this product to her, since it has age-old Ayurvedic recipe for healthy skin.

  14. Roma says:

    This is a thorough review Cindy, I will surely love to try the Vasu sugar scrub based on the number of benefits you have enumerated.

  15. Mrinal Kiran says:

    Wow! The sugar scrub looks really good! I haven’t tried any of their products but I would love to try this!

  16. I love face and body scrubs and they are apart of my routine on a weekly basis. This skin scrub by Vasu with all natural elements seems to be a good treat to the skin and worth purchasing. I will check this one out.

  17. I have heard about a lot of benefits of sugar scrub. Will go for this one after reading your review.

  18. Sugar scrubs are the best and I’ve tried one from other brand and loved it. But this one has kumkumadi tailam and that caught my attention. Will check this one for it.

  19. Ruchi Verma says:

    This really looks great for the skin I will sure give a try …as this looks great for daily skincare routine I am going to get this

  20. Sundeep says:

    Never heard about this brand. But the product really looks promising. And good to see the discount on this product. Will definitely going to check out this. Thanks for sharing honest review about this product.

  21. I havent heard of this brand or this ingredient base. How cool is it and love the golden glow it gives. Must check this out

  22. I had not heard about vasu health care brand before. I usually use red lentil paste as a natural scurb. After reading post feeling that this one is really good. Will check out this for sure. Thanks for sharing review.

  23. Alpana says:

    Sugar as always been my first choice for scrub. It exfoliates our skin very nicely. I usually make my own scrubs but I will surely check out this scrub.

  24. Disha says:

    I use scrubs often and always on lookout for good recommendations. This looks good and would try it next time when I switch the scrubs.

  25. Sanandita says:

    Scrubs have always been an integral part of my bath time regime. This one looks promising enough!

  26. Arti Singh says:

    Thanks for such a lovely skin regime… Loved it

  27. Urvashi says:

    This looks so luxurious and heavenly. Love the texture of this scrub. It’s adding a wonderful glow to skin as well. Such a splendid choice to add in our skincare routine

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