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August 20, 2019
September 17, 2019
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Blogger influencer vlogger

Reading and writing have always been my forte. I loved, and still love, books. Whenever I got my hands on an empty book, I would find material to fill them up with. That is how my diary was born and also the book in which I used to write down the lyrics of songs I liked. And though I am not a fan of cooking, I had a book to jot down recipes too, some of which I haven’t tried following even today. When I created a webpage for myself, after completing my computer programming course, I did not know what to post there and I ended up writing about why I liked each friend and family member of mine.

Blogger influencer vlogger
Blogger – A person who writes for a website, owned or otherwise

Then, when my mom bought me my first computer, I upgraded to typing out my diary instead. I also enjoyed making up stories about myself and telling the same to people on public chat. Eventually, that bored me and when I took up a job in an office, all the writing stopped. I just made do with changing my Facebook status almost every day. It restarted only after my daughter was born and I was introduced to the world of blogging and I could continue pursuing my passion online.

Blogger influencer vlogger
Photographer – Uses a good camera to capture clear and awesome pictures

Two years ago, after my son was born, I randomly started posting on Instagram which eventually led me to getting invitations from brands to review their products. So I began doing it for the products I tested, tried or have been using all these years. But I realized that some brands did not know who exactly they were looking for. Initially they would ask if I was a blogger but the job for me would not involve any blogging or writing, but only posting on Instagram and Facebook instead.

Blogger influencer vlogger
Influencer – One who influences people about things around them

I did not even know about these marketing strategies that were catching up all of a sudden. Now, I do. Therefore, to clear all the confusion, and also to have another reason to write, I thought of jotting down the differences between the various social media amplifiers available today.


People who regularly write material for a blog. A blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically run by an individual or small group. It is written in an informal or conversational style. So, you will be looking for a blogger only if you want him/her to submit a write-up (of about 500 words or more) about your product or service on their website or on your online portal. Of course, the topic can be anything under the sun. There are food bloggers, mom bloggers, fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, travel bloggers and so on.


People who influence you in some way or the other through social media, may it be with a product they have used, service they have tried or a motivational quote they believe in. They could also be informing you of different things available around your city, like workshops, play-areas, food items, clothing discounts, milk delivery options, etc. So, if you’re a brand looking to spread awareness about your product or service and its benefits, you should be searching for an influencer available on the platform of your choice.


Bloggers and influencers who use their gift of the gab and put their material into a personal video for you to watch. Some people prefer watching a quick audiovisual than reading through an article in detail. So, if you plan to cater to a wider audience, you should pick a good vlogger or youtuber to talk about what you are offering to your potential customers.


People who identify the right views, capture the right angles and create great photographs. They have an eye for detail and could have a photo blog too. Editing a picture to look its best all depends on the photographer and his team. But, not everyone who clicks and edits with their smartphones can be called photographers. So, if you want great pictures, book a photographer (professional or amateur depending upon your budget) to get the job done. If you get an influencer who is also a photographer, you may be in luck.


People with a role to pose for pictures or to serve as a visual aid for those creating works of art or promoting their products and services. So, if you are looking to make a promotional video for your brand, and got your script and idea ready, you only need to look for an individual who fits your criteria.

Blogger influencer vlogger
Vlogger – One with the gift of the gab who puts all the above into a video

Depending on your product, the above services are sometimes done for a fee while other times it could only be a through barter. There are also people who collect the necessary categories according to your requirements so you do not have to select individual bloggers /influencers/ vloggers/ models/ photographers yourself. So, identify which marketing strategy best suits your brand and approach the right company or individual accordingly.

Here are some of the best bloggers, vloggers and influencers with their locations:


1. Ann Geo – A mom blogger who emphasizes on creative ideas to engage kids. Check out her work here.
Contact her: [email protected]

2. Hema Gayatri – A mom influencer who reviews great products for our daily use. Check here.
Contact her: [email protected]

3. Cindy D’Silva – A Woman influencer and blogger who encourages women in different ways. Check her work here.
Contact her: [email protected]

4. Milan Singhal – A Lifestyle Blogger who dabbles with food reviews, travel and more. Check her work here.
Contact her: [email protected]

5. Deepa Gandhi – A dietician who blogs about healthy recipes for kids and education. Check her work here.
Contact her: [email protected]

Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva, besides being a mother of two angels, is a belly dancer, writer and photographer. She loves partying, bowling and eating sushi. There is a detailed biography about her on the ABOUT ME page in case you would like to know more. :) You can like and follow her Facebook page to get all updates on the latest blogs and more:


  1. Ghazala Naseem says:

    The scenario has changed past few years , from serious bloggers now we have plenty of influncers 🙂
    But I think all have their share in market , more or less people are getting work 🙂

  2. Harjeet Kaur says:

    Wow! You wrote this in 2019! How detailed and elaborate. I didn’t even know half the words that you have shared. I didn’t know, Vloggers were around then.

  3. Very useful articles for those who cannot make out the difference between all these.

  4. Jenifer says:

    Still people are confused between influencer & blogger. And Instagrammers are not bloggers.

    Liked the post. It will help those in confusion.

    P.S. u missed my name in best blogger haha

  5. Leha says:

    That’s right. This needs to be defined well. many people get confused between these.

  6. Priya Iyer says:

    This is such a detailed post. Very useful for beginners.

  7. Dr Bushra allaboutthewoman says:

    People including prs are also confused between the three. That’s very well explained. #MyFriendAlexa #dewreads

  8. An informative post, people need to know the difference. Looking forward to more posts!

  9. Nicely explained the differences between the three . Also loved the suggestions of fellow bloggers and influencers

  10. Neha Jain says:

    It is a wonderful post. I saw the list you posted at the end it is great.

  11. A helpful article! you explained the difference so well! loved it

  12. Virat says:

    Very well explained Cindy. As a beginner in Marketing Field, i have found this article is very helpful to know the exact difference between blogging, vlogging and influencing.

  13. Prince says:

    Thanks for explaining the difference between blogging, vlogging and influencing

  14. Kevin says:

    I liked the way she represented herself as a 4th person in the List. Cindy, first time here and got some valuable info.
    Love your work and your gravatar image as well 🙂

  15. avinash says:

    Nice personal touch Cindy. It’s true how easily we get confused who we need to market or review a product. Wonderful list of bloggers for brands to contact

  16. Sweta says:

    You have explained it so well. It can definitely be a good guide for beginners.

  17. I too am a blogger and influencer, and as per my personal experience, I know what its like confusing a blogger for an influencer or an influencer for a blogger; cz thats what happens most of the times. People got to know and realise the difference and stop denoting blogger, influencer and vlogger as same.

  18. This is a nice article and quite helpful for people to understand, layman especially. These days bloggers are turning to Ig and that’s more like microblogging.

  19. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    This is a useful article for brands to understand some basic differences between bloggers and influencers. I feel they each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  20. Very informative article. I have seen many people in the industry who are not able to differentiate between these. But somehow nowadays there is a very fine line between the terms as many influencers opt for multiple ways to reach their audience

  21. Sundeep says:

    Thanks for clearing doubts of many. Author explained each and everything in detail.

  22. Humaira says:

    Amazing and beautiful post. Precise and clear description .It is very helpful to know about brands who actually don’t know about how to go into online marketing.

  23. mihir gadhvi says:

    its getting mixed up everyone is trying everything. being a marketer its hard to fine real influencer which can really get some leads or create brand awareness

  24. Ankita says:

    Thanks for clearing that up 👍 a person is a blogfer only uf they own a blog but now a dats theline seems to be blurring ☺️

  25. Dev says:

    This is a great article . Well explained by the author . I am also an influencer

  26. Akanksha says:

    This is a very touchy topic in the Online community. Some people want to call themselves influencers while others don’t. Those who don’t want to be influencers (but they actually are influencing others) are not happy with the stigma attached to the term *Influencer* all because of news media. Anyways, I like the post and you explained it well. Now readers would know the difference and where to look at info when they need at any point of time.

  27. True..nowadays anyone who writes in Instagram and posts pics has become a blogger while the real essence of blogging is about writing and not just fancy photo with a promo ad.

  28. This is a great post Cindy, really the need of the hour. People should know the difference. I was also going of writing from childhood any picture I see would get converted into a story.

  29. Akanksha Singh says:

    Short but very clear description .very helpful to budding brands who actually don’t know about how to go into online marketing..

  30. Good you clarified the difference, it’s the confusion for some brands nd agencies too.

  31. Your explanation is so apt and to the point. Love reading your posts cindy.

  32. Aishwarya says:

    I have seen even the influences don’t understand the basic difference. Great you cleared the confusion !

  33. Urvashi says:

    Nice personal touch Cindy. It’s true how easily we get confused who we need to market or review a product. Wonderful list of bloggers for brands to contact

  34. Megha says:

    You have described and define all very well.

  35. Sumit Chavan says:

    Can’t agree more.. Bahot hi umda blog…

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  37. Dev Datta says:

    Nicely written. Thank u for sharing. Everyone should know the Difference who r blogger and blogger.

  38. mihir gadhvi says:

    Thanks for explaining the difference between blogging, vlogging and influencing…

  39. nadia kohli says:

    this is so perfectly written. the bifurcation is very apt. rightly said-content & job profile is clear differentiator.
    hope to see my name one day in your blog. thanks for providing a platform.

  40. Sumit Chavan says:

    This explanation was well needed for those who need to hire one of them and also for those who want to become one of them.. Great work..

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    This is so well explained Cindy 👍 I do believe that content is the key in this profession.

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