Having been a regular user of Johnson’s baby products since I was little, it was heart-breaking to, off-lately, read the negative online articles about the brand. I mean imagine having to throw away and stop using my favourite baby oil, baby lotion and baby wash. Or imagine having to start believing that the products, we used all these years, were bad! Yes, I agree that for certain sensitive and allergic skin types, other medicated brands would be used but I did not want to believe JnJ was not a good brand.

johnson and johnson
Learning all about good bacteria and bad bacteria at the Biology Lab

So, when the markets first started buzzing with the negative news because of some cases against them, I went straight to my relative who worked for Johnson and Johnson and asked him what it was all about. He said there was nothing really wrong with Johnson’s products as far as he knew and wasn’t sure about the exact details of the cases. I believed that because I generally followed my heart but I wanted to know more.

I used the products anyway. Even when I became a mother, I continued using them for my baby. But because I became a blogger and an influencer, along came an opportunity to attend the one year anniversary of the new range of Johnson’s, in Mumbai, India. I was, of course, thrilled to attend and wondered what was in store and what the brand had to tell us.

johnson johnson
Learning the chemistry of the ingredients of the top-to-toe baby wash

The long awaited day arrived when we landed during the Mumbai Monsoons and mingled with other moms that same evening. It was only the next day when we got all our doubts, questions and concerns sorted. We also got a lot more clarity on various things about Johnson and Johnson, from their past cases to their future promises. They created different departments and showed us how some products were made – Chemistry lab, Biology lab, Fragrance lab and Gentle lab. In the end, I was glad I still believed in the brand as a whole.

johnson and johnson
Q&A round with the Johnson’s team

There was a lot of information thrown at us that day but only some of it I could jot down for you all. Do find below what I got hold of:

  1. 133 years of trust: Since 1886, the company, Johnson and Johnson, has been dealing with medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods. So, they have not built their trust on some recent fancy, but sheer goodwill. Even our grandmothers remember using their products when our parents were young.
  2. Safety standards: Their trust was built because they have been following the safety standards since the beginning. The definition, of each ingredients (in layman terms), is not allowed on any marketed product but the ingredients used in JnJ products are available on the Johnson and Johnson website. You can also contact them on their Instagram page. Yes you can.
  3. Mild and safe even in India: Many people are under the misconception that the Johnson and Johnson products are of low quality in India (like many other brands). JnJ confirmed that the only difference in their products, around the world, is the fragrance alone because the colognes depend on the availability of fragrances locally. The brand believes that fragrance is very important because, after breastfeeding, it’s the fragrance, from their products, that helps improve the bond between mother and baby.
  4. Difference in the old and new products: Yes, your JnJ lotion will not smell the same as it did 30 years ago, reason being, the brand continues to improve its products to be in accordance with the local government regulations. As and when the banned chemicals list updates itself, certain ingredients keep getting excluded from the new productions. But, even the old products only had a safe amount of chemicals required to keep the products how they are.
  5. Co-created with moms: The new range of baby products have been co-created with more than 26000 moms all across India. In order to ensure that all parents have peace of mind while using Johnson’s products, the company has spent the last few years reformulating their products and also make them more gentle on a baby’s skin.
  6. Johnson’s baby soap: The brand tried to make the soap ‘no more tears’, just like their shampoo, but when R&D came up with it, it was getting to be extremely expensive. Soaps have a different chemistry and, therefore, cannot be ‘no more tears’ without a heavy investment.
  7. Aveeno products: This line, of products, was made especially for those with eczema prone skin.
  8. No parabens, no phthalate, no formaldehyde: Though the brand used a bare minimum percentage of formaldehyde in the previous products, ten bottles of JnJ had less formaldehyde than the amount present in one apple that you eat. But, they have assured us that, now, the new range has no parabens, no phthalate, no asbestos and no formaldehyde anymore.
  9. Knowledge of ingredients: We, as parents, are more paranoid than knowledgeable. Instead of researching on a particular ingredient, we jump to conclusions immediately. We assume that ALL the most expensive products are good for health and vice versa. Product price is not always equal to its quality. Johnson’s Baby India proves that good quality comes with good intentions, not only with a high price. We need to be aware why certain chemicals have to be used in certain products. Also, we need to know that some ingredients can tend to be harmful ONLY IF they are used in excess amounts (which will not be approved by the government anyway).
  10. Bad news and good news: Did you know that bad news is carried out in print for free but, apparently, government approved reports are not legally allowed to be used to promote products? I was shocked to know this.
  11. Why doctors ask to stop using JnJ products: Doctors need to protect their patients so, if you get a rash with whatever product you’re using, the first thing they will do is advise you to stop using that particular product. It does not always mean that the product is bad in general. It means that you are too sensitive or you are applying the oil or cream in a way that does not agree with your skin.
  12. Johnson’s promise: While everyone is dissing Johnson’s about their products being carcinogenic, it’s amazing that they have gone a step ahead and are thinking about the environment, too. I was happily surprised that they have promised the government that by 2025 Johnson and Johnson products will be sold in recyclable packaging. Now, personally, I don’t think that a company, who thinks about saving the environment, can think of putting carcinogenic ingredients in their products.
johnson and johnson
Getting to know about the different types of fragrances used in the JnJ products at the Fragrance Lab

I know that moms want to protect their children from all harm; we all do. But should we always believe what’s in the news, or should we always follow our hearts? My instincts told me to continue using the products I have been using all this time, for all these years. So, the next time you are introduced to products, turn over to the ingredients and research on how exactly they could be all natural and still have a long shelf life. The rest is totally up to you and your instincts. All the best!

Johnson and Johnson
Johnson’s has been in the family for ages

How long have you been using Johnson’s baby products? Did you find any difference in the past few years? Tell me what you feel about this article and your personal views on the brand.

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