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How to heal your broken heart

I do not read too many books online but I try to read a couple of pages a day (while enjoying mangoes and ice apples) before I shift to the half-read hardcopies lying on my bedside table (when both my hands are clean). There are books downloaded onto my laptop for 3 years now. Planning to finally read them soon, too.

Now about this book, the cover did not have anything to do with attracting me to the book. What made me want to read this book was the fact that Deepika Padukone said, ‘I hope this book will help you live, love and laugh again.’ I was curious. How can a book do that?


Name: How to heal your broken heart
Author: Dr Shyam Bhat
Format: Softcopy
Number of pages: 145
Availability: Goodreads (Buy it here)
Rating: 4/5


It is a self-help book so the title is what you get.


The English language was simple and easy to understand. The author expects you to concentrate on your broken heart rather than a dictionary here!


When I decided to read the book, I was just curious about its contents. But, when I got through the first few pages, I remembered the ache inside me when my dad passed away (a week before my 12th birthday). I remembered the friends and loved ones who broke my heart (back when it was vulnerable). I remembered the pain we went through when we suddenly lost a friend and realized we should never take life for granted. I remembered a friend who had a heart attack a month after his mom passed away.

The author allows you to understand your feelings deep down inside. He asks questions and makes a general assessment for you. If you have severe heartache, it is better to go to a practising therapist. For more details on this, you can visit The Live Love Laugh Foundation by Deepika Padukone located in Indiranagar, Bangalore.


I chose to elaborately review this book because I found it to be a really helpful one. It helps to assess your feelings and informs you about how your heartbreak can affect your mind as well as your body.

Having a heartache is compared to withdrawal symptoms of a drug addict who has just withdrawn/is withdrawing from drugs. Being in love is directly compared to sniffing cocaine. Hahaha! Funny but true!

It helps us understand how heartache weakens our immune system and makes us susceptible to infections.

It also says that heartbreak is sometimes the cause of heart attacks.

I love these words, ‘You never forget the first time you fell in love. You never forget the first time your heart was broken.’ Honestly, I believe both statements.

The book also mentions how our adult relationships depend on our childhood attachments.

It elaborately explains the stages of heartbreak and the various emotions one goes through because of it. It also mentions how men and women handle heartaches differently.

I learnt why one of the most romantic lines, ‘You complete me’ is, in reality, just a misconception.

The best thing was that if you have minimal heartache, the author shows you how to go about helping and healing yourself.


I did not find any areas for improvement but I wished I could read this book in a hardcopy format.


Despite having heartaches only in the past, I believe this book could have helped me understand my emotions better. I think that in certain situations, instead of blaming myself, I could have known about denial, regret and fear when a loved one is lost. I consider this book a ray of hope for those contemplating suicide due to break-ups.

So, I would recommend this book to those going through any kind of heartache.

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Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva, besides being a mother of two angels, is a belly dancer, writer and photographer. She loves partying, bowling and eating sushi. There is a detailed biography about her on the ABOUT ME page in case you would like to know more. :) You can like and follow her Facebook page to get all updates on the latest blogs and more:


  1. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    I didn’t know you had lost your father at such a young age Cindy. I’m glad the book helped you heal.

  2. Really loved your post. After reading your article it reminds me the time when I lost my father two years back. I’ll definitely read this book as it looks amazing after reading your article.

  3. Khushboo says:

    This book looks like a good read. I will like to read it sometime.

  4. We have all been there in that phase and I’m glad the book is going to help. Will take a look at it.

  5. Sweety Joshi says:

    Broken heart can’t be fix quickly. A little sadness always stays there. It’s tough to fix this problem but not impossible. Great book review.

  6. Manisha Garg says:

    Books can bring our real emotions. We all have gone through tough times and such books do help a lot, will surely check it out.

  7. Akta Sehgal says:

    Looks like a must have book for youth and all of us too. Heartbreak is inevitable, We rather learn to deal with it and our emotions

  8. Books can serve a variety of purposes, from entertainment to education, but self-help books are intended to assist us in improving a specific aspect of our lives. Because the book’s review suggests that many of us can identify with it on some level, I’m very interested in picking it up as my next read and to gift my friend. Thanks for sharing this Cindy.

  9. Jais says:

    The book appears interesting. I am touched! Sometimes, reading a book like this, soothes the broken heart. I am definitely going to read this book.

  10. Going through a broken heart stage can be tough. You might feel like you will never be able to love or be loved again. But trust me, there is hope for you yet. Just because your heart is broken now doesn’t mean it will always be that way. Would love to read this book after reading your review.

  11. Have we all not gone through the broken heart stage! This book sounds interesting and I would love to read it. Your review and short and honest and I love it.

  12. Abha Singh says:

    Loved your review. I would love to read this book. Sounds interesting and helpful.

  13. Looks like a very senstive topic to address. Specially for men. We often resort to intoxicants rather than acknowledging our feelings.

  14. Brinda Vijay says:

    Healing a broken heart is tricky. If we have someone to share the pan with (relative or friend) it makes it easier. Bring on our own is what causes some of us to have suicidal thoughts.
    Your book review is good and I do hope teens everywhere get to read it.

  15. Seems like a necessary book for everyone! I think it’s great that there are books out there guiding us out of some of the most painful times of our lives

  16. Ritu Bindra says:

    I enjoy checking out your book recommendations, Cindy. This book reminds me of the TED Talk I watched on broken heart syndrome. How the heart actually changes physically when grieving. And can be fatal if left unchecked.

  17. Kaveri Chhetri says:

    Nice review Cindy… n the book sounds interesting and if it helps change anyone’s life… nothing like it.

  18. Neeta Kadam says:

    Review says must read book. It is very difficult to heal the broke heart. I myself goes through this and I think everyone goes through this in life time. Surely read this book. And also sharing this specially for teenagers.

  19. I could relate to when you mentioned that you lost your dad. I too lost my parents at a very young age. I don’t get attached to people now. However, still, I think I will give this book a read. Only because of your wonderful review.

  20. Flavia Cutinho says:

    A broken bone can still be fixed but a broken heart no medicine works, you need some supernatural power to get out of a heart break

  21. Madhu Bindra says:

    I totally agree. People don’t realize how much damage heartbreak can cause. I don’t read self-help books but this one looks like it is worth reading.

  22. Sonia dogra says:

    Self-help books are a huge hit. And why not? Sometimes the thoughts of a stranger align with yours perfectly and you benefit from their experience. Thanks for this review.

  23. The book seems quite an interesting one…. will try to buy and read it soon.

  24. Kavita Singh says:

    This review makes me want to read the book today 🙂 Like you, I too am not a fan of reading books online but nowadays, I have started reading e-books quite regularly too. The review of the book suggests that many of us would relate to it at some level, I am definitely intrigued to pick it up for my next read.

  25. Harjeet Kaur says:

    I wish there was a formula to heal a broken heart. Mine has been broken so many times. My son was the hardest blow. I will surely read this book after your sincere recommendation, Cindy.I keep searching for ways to let it hurt less.

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