We only want the best of the best for our babies. Since I was a first time mother a few years ago, I have used many products of various brands for my babies, be it diapers, lotions or wet wipes. The television had been a major source of inspiration, back then, for the baby things we used initially.

Then, after a lot of trial and errors, we realized that commercial advertisements did not really help much. We had to use the products once, check their ingredients and suitability on our little one’s skin and then make a decision. So, during the course of these years, I have learnt which products were safe to use for my second child.

One of the items we tried, of several brands, was wet wipes. I have always carried disposable diapers and wet wipes whenever I took the babies out. Besides diaper change, wet wipes also came handy when the baby puked or felt extremely hot. As my little ones would become pink in the heat, I always had wet wipes to cool them off. Sometimes, I used these wipes on myself, too. So, it was very important for me to buy good ones which did not dry up easily.

If the wet wipes you are using works well with your baby, then you can continue to use them, but, if you would like to know about the top 5 best wet wipes for babies in India, read on:

Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes

Johnson’s is a brand known to us since before we were born, and as it is easily available almost everywhere, it was the first choice on our list. A packet of 80 wipes costs around Rs 245/-. These wet wipes are designed using water-saturated fiber which keeps them soft. They help clean the baby gently and protect the new-born’s delicate skin. These wipes contain baby lotion, which helps soothe flaky and dry skin, too, thereby keeping the baby happy and joyful all day long. Johnson’s skincare wipes have a mild fragrance which helps eliminate strong ‘poop and puke’ smells. It is clinically proven to be alcohol free as well as soap free. These wet wipes do not dry up easily. Most of the packets have the hard lid which does not allow the moisture to escape. But, I have noticed that, sometimes, we have received the old packets without the hard lids despite displaying a picture with the hard lid on the online portal.

best wet wipes
Cooling himself off

Mother Sparsh Unscented 99% Pure Water Baby Wipes

A packet of 72 wipes costs Rs 299/-. But, you can also save some money and buy the Super Saver pack of 2 which costs Rs 449/- only. We recently tried this brand of wipes because many of my friends had recommended it. These wet wipes are made of a plant based medical grade fabric which does not harm the environment when disposed. Therefore, Mother Sparsh wet wipes are eco-friendly and biodegradable, which I think is the need of the hour. When compared to the other wet wipes you get in the market, you will find that each wipe is three times thicker than other brands. This makes cleaning much easier and comfortable by using only one wipe at a time, thereby resulting in less wastage. These unscented 99% pure water baby wipes are dermatologically tested and clinically examined for infections and rashes. The water based formula makes these wet wipes velvety soft and gentle on the skin just like using cotton and water. These wet wipes are best suited for normal to sensitive skin types. So, it is safe for use on the hands, mouth and other parts of the body. Due to its moisture locked-in packaging, the wet wipes have prolonged wetness. They do not have packets without the hard lids. My kids love using these wipes to cool them off while the heat is on.

best wet wipes
Various types of wet wipes by Pampers

Pampers New Baby Sensitive Baby Wipes

A pack of 50 wipes cost Rs 449/-. But, they also have ‘fresh clean’ and have newly introduced one with the goodness of Aloe Vera which contain 97% water. I’m sure you know how much I love Aloe Vera in the products that I use. They also have some nice combo pack offers for travel purposes. These wet wipes are also dermatologically tested and gentle on the baby’s skin, so, they can be used during diaper change as well as to merely clean the baby. They have a refreshing fragrance which keeps the skin feeling hydrated for a long time. They have packets as well as hard containers with the moisture locked-in lids in some places. We have used these a few times whenever we spotted them on the shelves of the supermarkets.

best wet wipes
Himalaya Herbal Gentle Wet Wipes

Himalaya Herbal Gentle Baby Wipes

A pack of 72 wipes cost Rs 184/-. These wet wipes include the goodness of their baby lotion which keeps the skin moisturized at all times. The cooling effect on the skin is due to the presence of Indian lotus and Aloe Vera. Therefore, they are very good for use during the summers. Himalaya wet wipes are clinically tested and hypoallergenic. One drawback which I noticed is that when one wet wipe is pulled out, a whole bunch tends to come out along with it. So, you have to be careful while pulling the wet wipes out.

best wet wipes
Allter Bamboo Wet Wipes

Allter Organic Bamboo Baby Wipes

A pack of 3 with 72 wipes each cost Rs 885/-. These natural wet wipes are made with bamboo. They are gentle on the skin and super-absorbent. Allter wipes have no alcohol, parabens or harsh chemicals and can be safely used to clean hands, face and body. These wipes can be used on babies over 3 months old. Despite the moisture locked-in lid, if you find that the topmost wipes are drying, overturn the closed packet and squeeze it a few times so that the liquid is redistributed evenly. The only drawback I found with this one was that each wipe was smaller in size than the other brands, so, we had to use two or three pieces during diaper change. This made it quite an expensive affair if used regularly, so, we wound up using it only twice. But, we did like the concept of wet wipes made of bamboo, Aloe Vera and pure water.

Ultimately, whichever wet wipes you use, you have to make sure that they suit your baby’s skin. These are the wet wipes that we have used and loved.

Another important thing to note is that, whether biodegradable or not, wet wipes are not to be disposed off into the commode. Doing so may block the drains. So, it is best to dispose these wet wipes into the bins allotted to them.

Tell us about the brands of wet wipes that you have used for your babies. Have you used the ones from above?

best wet wipes
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  1. I am also fond of Mother Sparsh Wet Wipes and the fact that these are 99% water. When my daughter was on diapers, it was suitable for her sensitive skin.

  2. Rakhi Parsai says:

    This is a very nice and extensive post on good baby wipes available in the market. Even I have used few of these and loved how they cleanse the skin so well. The most favorite has been mothersparsh.

  3. I have been using piramal’s little’s and they have working really and are cheaper than most of you have mentioned in the post. Anyways will try and see which one works best for me.

  4. Milan Singhal says:

    Baby wipes must haves for new born. This is a helpfull post for the new parents.

  5. Khushboo says:

    These are really good wipes for babies. I will refer this to my sister for a small baby. This post is really very informative

  6. It’s really important to explore options. Then you can make a wiser decision. So your list is really helpful. I am sure new mommies will greatly benefit from.this post.

  7. Baby wipes need to be the best as safety is of paramount importance. These are all really high-quality products with set benchmarks of safety and quality.

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