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Tayyari Jeet Ki! – Did this just ring a bell?

On a lazy afternoon, soon after the lockdown was officially lifted, I was watching TV with my family – a luxury I can barely afford these days, ever since ‘Work from Home’ has become more about ‘work’ and less about ‘home’. Anyway, I was just about to doze off when a familiar slogan shook me awake. All I could really hear was, ‘Bournvita – Tayyari Jeet Ki’. And, that was enough to hit me with a flash-flood of memories from my childhood.

I could very easily remember the taste of the cold Bournvita milk I would happily gulp down on a hot summer afternoon. In order to relive that magical feeling, I thought this was the best way to put my creativity to the test! So, I sat down with a simple notebook and pen (just like the good old days) and started jotting down ideas for the various snacks I could make using my favourite chocolate powder mix!

snack breaks during the pandemic
Snack breaks during the pandemic

While feeling silly searching for ‘Bournvita Snack Recipes’ online, during a global pandemic, I came across Mondelēz International’s Second Annual State of Snacking™ India Report which offered me some much-needed assurance that I’m not the only one prioritizing snacking! According to this report, two-thirds of Indians are also snacking more during the pandemic! 79% have stated that snacking helps get them through their day. Sigh! What a relief to know that I’m not the only one. Although let’s be honest, I was using snacking to get through my day way before the pandemic. Does that make me one of the cool people?

Even before it officially became ‘cool’, I have used snacking as a reward system for my own small goals. It’s obviously very easy to run low on motivation when the entire world is going through so much right in front of our eyes, like ‘What difference is it going to make if I don’t take a shower today? The world is going through a crisis!’

Completing basic tasks had become a challenge for me during the beginning of the lockdown and that’s when I decided to introduce my snack reward system into my routine. For each task that I got done throughout the day, I’d give myself a little treat! And, if I’m being honest with you, my snack break escapes during the pandemic in India is the only thing that kept me going on most days. After all, we’re all kids at heart vying for the candies, aren’t we?

And, ever since the day Bournvita came into the picture, snacks have served a new purpose by refreshing old memories! A majority of the adults, 81% in fact, have bought snacks in 2020 to bring back old memories, says the report. The comfort of remembering the good days and in turn getting the motivation to hope for better ones is something I completely owe to my snack breaks during the pandemic. It fills me with joy that like me 66% of Indians have found comfort in snacks. It hasn’t been easy, finding those moments of joy with so much happening, so I’m glad that people have found snacking as their ray of shiny hope.

Of course, I’m slowly getting the hang of the ‘new normal’ and learning how to get back to my old life but I think snacking is something I’m taking away from this pandemic and for good. Maybe someday I’ll look back at this time and feel nostalgic for the time my family was locked in the house, looking for unique ways to stay sane.

Therefore, while I make my recipe with Bournvita with my children and turn into a child as we sit together at the dining table to finish homework, tell me about your snack break escapes during the pandemic.

snack breaks during the pandemic
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Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva, besides being a mother of two angels, is a belly dancer, writer and photographer. She loves partying, bowling and eating sushi. There is a detailed biography about her on the ABOUT ME page in case you would like to know more. :) You can like and follow her Facebook page to get all updates on the latest blogs and more:


  1. Excellent idea. My kids love bournvita too. So making snacks with bournvita should be fun

  2. Sushmita says:

    Bournvita Snacks recipes! Aaah! I remember making bournvita and digestive cookie balls and that instantly brings a smile on my face! Snacking has changed now but a few things are nothing but pure nostalgia!

  3. Shalini R says:

    Ah! I was a Bournvita girl as a child! I still sneak in some Bournvita once in a while too. Loved your idea of making snacks with it.

  4. Suchita Agarwal says:

    I think most of my memories have some element of food or snacks attached to them 😀

  5. Snacking has kept us going in the lockdown days providing comfort and excitement. I love the way you rewarded yourself each time you got some work done. That’s both motivation plus it gives you time to plan a healthy and delicious snack for yourself and your family. And Bournvita? Sigh! It only stirs beautiful nostalgia of our childhood days. We all love it. #StateofSnacking

  6. Snacks keep us rolling at home…frm kids to adults we all have been thriving on it….. from home made to store bought we have it all.

  7. Manisha Garg says:

    Bornvita reminds me of my childhood I loved it and it always tasted better than other brands and Mom chose another brand. So whenever we went shopping together I would pick my packet and quietly keep in the basket. Do share your recipes would be fun to try.

  8. Snacking is fun and it brings people together. This time I am also enjoying family time with Bengal special chop singara with family.

  9. I usually take snack breaks in the evening. Since wife and children are at home now, I don’t have to worry about what to eat anymore.

  10. I agree Cindy, snacking has been some sort of mood uplifter for me. And similarly I enjoy snacking with my daughter.

  11. Rakhi Parsai says:

    Snacking has helped us bond more as a family too. I love how we hog on to some dishes together and finish them up in minutes of being served.

  12. Raksha says:

    Staying at home has definitely increased the amount of snack time. I usually eat anything and everything that is at home and now I am trying to avoid it. So I have got carrots today and will use it for snacking tomorrow.

  13. I don’t have these kinds of snack breaks as such but I do agree that bournvita has brought some really healthy products.

  14. Snacking definitely keeps me going throughout the day. Working, kitchen duties, handling the kids it’s all getting too difficult

  15. I don’t get break from kitchen in this pandemic. Kids keep up demanding something or other. Some time cupcake, bhel Puri etc

  16. Milan Singhal says:

    Anything which can lift up the spirits during these difficult times cant be silly!! Even i love my snack break

  17. Khushboo says:

    These snacks looks really yummy and good to eat when we are at home especially during this lockdown.

  18. That’s quite an interesting data on snacking. I didn’t realise that we snack to create family memories. But it’s so true. I am now focussed on healthy Snacking. And more hearty memories.

  19. I think there is a nostalgic association with Bournvita for most people. Snacking is of course a phenomenon that is so prevalent. It is also an escape route, so it is always best to have healthy snacks around.

  20. Jenifer says:

    As it’s Ramadan, we are having snack time together at iftar. So it’s fun & spiritual. However things have been difficult lately due to the pandemic.

  21. I have been really guilty of indulging in too many snacks during this pandemic which has resulted in my wider waistline 😭

  22. AKASH KAPADI says:

    My family has always in to snacks while having evening chai . We sometimes order or make at home . In this pandemic snacks we make mostly at home . Snacking is a good idea ♥️

  23. sonam jain says:

    snacking has always been fun as most of the time families chit chat, have treats together and share their experiences.. this pandemic the frequency to snack has undoubtedly increase which has invariably improved our bonding .. so yes you made me realise this is one thing I would like to continue ahead

  24. Harjeet Kaur says:

    My grandsons and I cooked up a storm and we made banana muffins, oreo pudding, thumbprint cookies and whatnot. Those two are eager beavers and always like to help in everything I do. Cooking was the best way to keep them occupied. #stateofsnacking

  25. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    That’s so true – snacking has been a constant mood-lifter in these difficult times. The snacks from our childhood will always be the best! #stateofsnacking

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