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August 30, 2016
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September 20, 2016
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Dawn to dust, our forefathers fought in silence,
They called it non – violence
Just to bring us to our freedom
They sacrificed their life through martyrdom
Are we really free today, is the question we seek in vain.

The answer I feel lies in our pain
Of course, some may believe that we are free,
But these are just a small percentage, you may agree
An example is the influx of foreign corporations
And the dutiful support by our own relations.

Still giving in to modern slavery of monetary temptation.
No time for a bit of recreation
Most of us are up and away
Making the most of everyday
If not for the Independence Day
We may know not real freedom per say.

Corruption prevails in every turn
Justice is something that we still yearn
Equality is in itself a division
Fraternity lies in religious discrimination
Liberty of thought and expression has gone a bit over our expectation!
So apt is our constitution
The preamble framed with the above words, for speculation!

Shonali Deokule
Shonali Deokule
Having 18 years of work experience in various corporate industries, I realized that many years of working only added weight to my resume, instead of to my creativity. That is when I took a break for a year and changed what I did. I started a small drama school for kids up to the age of 10, became a trainer in SAT English for students of grade 10 to 12 and also ran workshops on Personality Development for school teachers. Simultaneously, I took to writing poems and skits and realized that writing gave me a platform to express myself and also bring out some latent creativity. I'm hoping you will relate to most of my work.

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