My husband and I love a clean house, but he likes everything ‘MONICA CLEAN’! Even if my help misses a spot, he spots it. Our help cleans four other houses; hence, I can totally understand her missing a spot or two at times. However, my husband needs each and every corner sparkling clean.

Therefore, despite having a messy house filled with toys and happy kids, we make sure that the house is clean. There is regular cleaning and dusting of the main areas like the library, beds, sofas, tables, etc. The windows are cleaned every month. The fans are wiped every week. The bathrooms are cleaned often and the kitchen is cleaned every single day. But are the tough stains removed during those times?



Deep cleaning a whole house is a lengthy procedure. Even if we clean the top layers, there are always stains and spots that tend to be ignored until it’s too late. So, when one of my friends suggested an impressive tile cleaner product that removed the toughest of stains and grease, I had to see this for myself. He also said that it was so easy to use that anyone could clean with it. I finally bought the Cif Surface Cleaner Cream to check if the removal of stains was done easily.


I decided to use this impressive tile cleaner product in the kitchen. The kitchen is the first place that needs cleaning, especially because the creepy crawlies get attracted to places surrounded by food, sweets, droplets of juice, oil etc. And, though we clean our kitchens frequently, how many of us clean between the tiles and corners of the countertops regularly? Not me.


But now, I can deep clean my kitchen and leave behind a 100% shine. With the help of the impressive tile cleaner product called Cif Surface Cleaner Cream, my kitchen is always clean and fresh.


For those of you who are unaware of how to go about keeping your kitchen inexpensively clean, here are 5 steps to help you do the needful (that I learnt just recently):


In a clean bucket, dump all your bottles, mugs, tins, cutlery, etc. from the kitchen countertop and cabinets and keep them outside the door. Keep the food in the fridge. Move the trash can to another place or a balcony.

Tip: Keep minimal things in the kitchen and make it a habit to throw away unused items, leaky packets and empty containers. This makes clearing out items easy whenever required.


With a broom or feather duster, dust off the cobwebs (if any) from the corners, behind the light fixtures and between vents. Sweep off any other visible dust inside the cabinets. Though you may forget that your exhaust fan or chimney exists, it also collects dust every single day. Don’t forget to dust the dirt off that, too.


Once the visible dirt is out of the way, get down to cleaning your drains. This can be done every two weeks to avoid the creepy crawlies from entering these grime and dirt-filled pipes. If using store-bought drain cleaning powder, learn how to go about it here.

Tip: For home remedy – Mix half a cup of baking soda (not powder) with a quarter cup of salt and pour into the drain. Then pour a cup of hot vinegar and you will see it foaming up. Cover the drain immediately and leave it for 30 minutes.


Meanwhile, with a clean damp cloth, wipe the shelves and doors of the cabinets. Make sure that there is no sticky droplet left behind as that could be food splashed there which will eventually attract ants and other crawlies.

Tip: If you have space issues, you can immediately wipe the cabinets dry with a clean and dry cloth. Then wipe the items (like masala bottles, tea bag containers, coffee tins, etc.) before you keep them back in their allotted spaces.


None of us cleans the insides of a microwave or oven as often as we use it. Making the cleaning of your microwave/oven a part of the deep cleaning process of your kitchen helps keeps unwanted pests away. With a damp cloth wipe the outsides and insides thoroughly. Use an all-purpose cleaning liquid, if necessary. Also, don’t forget to clean the fridge, too.

Tip: For the microwave/oven – Take a microwavable-safe bowl and fill it with water and dish washing liquid. Keep it in the microwave at 900̕ degrees for 2 minutes. Remove the bowl and wipe the inside of the microwave with a damp sponge. For the chimney – A mixture of caustic soda and boiling water works well for cleaning chimney grease.



Next, on a cloth, apply the impressive tile cleaner product i.e. Cif Surface Cleaner Cream and rub over the sink, faucets, countertop and wall tiles. Make sure the cream touches the corners, the areas between the tiles and around the taps. You can also rub the impressive tile cleaner product on the floor tiles. Then, rinse it all away.

Tip: Prevention is always better than cure. Mask up smelly kitchens by cleaning them at least once a week with an impressive tile cleaner product that has a good fragrance. For example, the Cif Surface Cleaner Creams are pretty good.



Just like cleaning your kitchen with an impressive tile cleaner product helps hide the smells of our Indian cooking, taking out the trash and replacing the garbage bags regularly keeps your kitchen free from bad odours. Also, replacing damp towels with clean and dry ones is a good habit to maintain in order to keep bad smells at bay.


Keep the exhaust fans on and windows/doors open after the cleaning. And, after the deep cleaning process, if you want your kitchen tiles free from stains, keep everyone, especially kids, out until your floors are dry. If you have to keep it ‘Monica’ clean, you have to behave like Monica sometimes. 😉

Tip: If you have windows and doors, keep them open during the mornings, so, the kitchen is well ventilated throughout the day. If you don’t, keep the exhaust fans on for an hour at least, every day.

Pour boiling water into the drain to unclog it and wash away the drain cleaning powder, if not done already.

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We were never the type who bothered about deep cleaning our kitchen though we always kept it clean. Now, by following a few inexpensive ways, we keep our kitchen not only clean but also smelling fresh. This list helps us, as well as our help, to deep clean the kitchen regularly.

Deep cleaning your home is never easy but with Cif Surface Cleaner Cream, the impressive kitchen cleaning product, and the above-mentioned tips, your kitchen upkeep will be as easy as ABC. You can try it out too with a simple click.

What steps do you take to clean YOUR kitchen?

Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva
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