Stay-at-home and social distancing have become a new way of life. People are coming to terms with the fact that they will be working remotely. There are going to be no parties, social gatherings, or get-togethers. This is the ‘new normal,’ and it is in for the long haul.

ways to stay motivated
Walking helps you stay fit and fine

The days blend into one, and it is not easy to stay motivated. You may not have lost your job – you are one of the lucky ones – but concentrating on tasks or maintaining enthusiasm for work is fizzling out. And besides, there seem to be no set working hours. You work at any time that work beckons.

ways to stay motivated
Do yoga!

Before this pandemic broke out, you had plans for the year, to celebrate birthdays or even travel. Everything is now put on hold. While some seem to have accepted this, of course, there is no other way; others are unable to accept this ‘new normal’ and feel demotivated.

Here, I have listed down the top 6 simple ways to stay motivated during the lockdown.

ways to stay motivated
  1. SET A ROUTINE – Work from home has disrupted the routine that our lives had. While it is nice not to have to reach the workplace on time, the lack of routine is one thing that is causing a lot of demotivation. Having a routine keeps you motivated and positive. Be an early riser. Write down what you want to do during the day. It doesn’t matter whether it is work or personal – you should have a ‘to-do’ list for the day and should achieve it. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and makes you look forward to the next day. You can also have a’ done’ list and note down what you have achieved. You’ll be surprised how good that makes you feel.
  2. WORSHIP YOUR BODY – Our ancestors took care of their bodies, and worshipping your body should be a part of your everyday routine. You should be physically and mentally fit. Workout; whether it is simple stretching exercises or yoga. Meditate to remain focussed and if running is your cup of tea, then try jogging in the mornings. If you’ve been wanting to lose weight, this is the time do shed those extra pounds. Before running drink apple cider vinegar in lukewarm water as it aids weight loss. Not only does jogging help you remain fit but also clears the head and prepares you for the day. Just take care of yourself – mind, body, and soul.
  3. BE MINIMALISTIC – The current pandemic has started a new trend – minimalism. Focus on what is important and move away from what is of no value. Now that you are home all day, take a tour of your house. You would have surely accumulated piles of unwanted things over the years. Discard what is not needed and de-clutter. Keep what is needed and let go of the rest.
  4. GO INTO MONK MODE – Now is the time to work on you! Instead of remaining online all day, scrolling through social media posts, get offline and take a walk. You could also start keeping a journal of your daily activities. Do your gardening yourself and stop neglecting the flowers that need your care. You can also visit the nearby park for a stroll. Wear your mask, of course! Set aside some ‘me time’ every day and make good use of it. Forget the world outside, your work, and the pandemic around you. You have always been busy, but now you have plenty of time, so use it.
  5. BE KIND TO YOURSELF – As Bruce Daisley, Vice-President for Twitter, says, “cut yourself some slack”. Embrace your feelings and be kind to yourself. While work can be a good way to distract yourself from stress, you still need to embrace how you feel. This pandemic is, hopefully, a one-time affair. It’s okay if you are not serving society. The biggest thing you are doing for society is that you are keeping yourself safe. If you feel low at times, it is okay. Human beings are social, and being isolated can do that to anyone. You don’t always have to be cheerful and a bundle of sunshine. Be kind to yourself during those times you feel low. Have a good cry if it makes you feel good. And then, move on.
  6. LEARN NEW SKILLS OR RE-LEARN OLD ONES – Challenge yourself to do things that you have been postponing. This lockdown is a great time for you to try out new things. Learn a new language. If you love painting but have never found time for it, then now is the time to start. Pick up your brushes, set up your easel, and start painting. There is so much that we enjoyed doing when in school. Re-discover those joys and find your passion.

These are only some of the ways to remain motivated during the lockdown. As long as you are physically fit and mentally alert, there is a lot you can accomplish. Connect with your colleagues, video chat with your friends, and start connecting on a different level now.

ways to stay motivated
Go easy on yourself


Nidhi Khurana is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves to write. What began as a pastime, turned into a passion to write. Now, she dabbles between lifestyle and travel writing. She is a blogger at 365 Gorgeous, a blog dedicated to keeping you gorgeous, always. It is a one-stop solution for all your beauty, skincare, and hair care needs.

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  1. Taking care of my health and learning a new skil has really helped me keep boredom at bay during lockdown. You have some really great ideas on this post, and I look to explore goining minimilist next 🙂

  2. Sayeri says:

    These are so important now to follow in our life because due to this pandemic the entire lifestyle has been changed. So we have to keep ourself motivated.

  3. Varsh says:

    Maintaining a routine and keeping off social media truly helps keep our life balanced and stress-free. I liked the pointers shared here. Time to concentrate on self!

  4. MeenalSonal says:

    These are great pointers to look for. I can truly recommend learning a new skill that gives us so much positive vibes and stay focused in life.

  5. Snigdha says:

    All the pointers are true. Staying positive and keeping mind calm is important. Extra panicking won’t help at all.

  6. Neha Sharma says:

    This is such a brilliant post by Nidhi. I agree staying motivated is extremely important during this pandemic. I agree with all the points she has mentioned, we are also trying to follow a routine and staying away from stress as much as possible.

  7. This Pandemic will slowly make most of us anxious. It’s really important to count our blessings currently and focus on keeping the spirits high. We have come a long way already.

  8. These are some pointers which I am following too in this endemic situation. Staying positive is the most important part of this process. Yoga, medication and keeping busy in the interest areas are the best ones.

  9. The start of lockdown and all that eating and staying at home had damped the body and it’s actually true that we need to get in to monk mode, think n love n respect our body in this times. Loved reading this guest post by Nidhi

  10. Roma says:

    I loved Nidhi’s suggestions Cindy, true it is the best time go in the monk mode abs work on our body.

  11. Ruchi Verma says:

    I agree with your tips to stay motivated and even I make sure to follow up the routine and learn new things even I am loving again reliving my hobbies.

  12. These are some excellent tips and I feel taking out some “Quite me time” is very important during this stressful time of pandemic. yoga, meditation and following your hobby all works wonder. it is the time that is taking test of our patience and we have to keep some strategy in our routine to feel less stressed.

  13. Alpana says:

    Staying positive during current situations very important. It is hard and unusual time that we have never imagined but it is in our hands to stay healthy not just physically but mentally too.

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