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COVID-19 has impacted the way kids learn. It has fallen upon us, parents, to teach our kids about various aspects of life and give them a proper education. There are many online and offline methods which we can use to keep children learning during the pandemic.

Here is a list of ways in which we can influence our kids to learn, even when they are supposed to be inside their homes because of the pandemic situation. This list will definitely give us a direction and some practical ways in which we can help our little ones.


It is important to know what is going on inside your kid’s head, even if your child is small. It is important that your kid feels connected with you, so that they know that they can share all their problems with you. A lot can be going on inside their little heads and you should not be taking that lightly.

keep children learning
My son busy with building a castle


Children are quite perceptive & creative in nature and you should let them explore their creative inclination; it could be in music, dance, paint, coding, etc. Get to know your kid’s interest and then provide all the necessary supplies so that they improvise on the same.


It is important that you provide the right training to your children, as far as handling their internet activities are concerned. Your kid can unknowingly fall victim to malicious internet content, which is why you should keep an eye on how much time they spend on social media and other avenues online.

keep children learning
My daughter enjoying her coding classes


You can check out various online platforms like Skillshare, WhiteHat Jr, etc. and enroll your kid in one of the courses offered by these platforms. Your kid could be interested in creative activities like painting, acting, dancing, etc. or they could be interested in educational activities like coding, etc; check out a course that suits your kid’s interest and get him/her enrolled. Do checkout & use skillshare coupons & offers to save more on your membership plans.


When your child goes to school, he/she learns a lot from his/her teachers, peers, and friends. The school ambience also leaves a great positive impression on your kid’s mind. Because of the pandemic, it becomes your responsibility to provide that ambience to your kid, at home itself. You can start with redecorating your kid’s room and providing necessary supplies that is conducive to learning.


It is important to devise a health routine with your kid, especially during the pandemic times. You need to teach your kid about basic hygiene, sanitization, and health routine. You can check out various Youtube channels that concentrate on kid’s exercises & training sessions; you should influence your kid to watch those channels and follow an exercise regime, right from an early age.

keep children learning
Gardening is therapeutic for every age


You can involve your kids in daily house chores like cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc. This will help open up different dimensions of learning for your child. You can teach them basic baking techniques or gardening skills; this way your kid will get closer to nature and learn about various flora & fauna. If you need tips on how to teach your kids gardening, click here.


You can get a plethora of educational board games at various online stores, for your kids. These board games can increase their analytical skills, and logical reasoning capability. You can go for block games, card games, strategic games and simulation games; these games are interesting and your kids will have fun while learning the basic concepts of life. 

keep children learning
A simple DIY solar system


You can get various DIY projects for your kids. Some of the examples of such projects are ‘flower prints using bottle’, ‘egg carton boats’, ‘bubble painting’, ‘DIY mermaid tail’, ‘paper dream catcher’, ‘paper lantern’, etc. Your children will inculcate the habit of starting a project and completing it, while having fun doing the activities. It also implants a sense of achievement in your kid’s life and helps them grow.  

keep children learning
Reading is a very good habit to inculcate in young children


All the books have gone online and kids have gotten into the habit of learning online. However, you can still get hardbound books for them and let them have fun reading real books. It also decreases their screen time, which is good for them. Check out the #ICANREAD subscription program by Harper Collins India.

Learning should never stop and you must always inspire your kids to never stop learning. There are so many ways and avenues through which you can instill the habit of learning, in your children. This article is sure to help you get started in the right direction, if you aren’t on it already. What say?

keep children learning
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  1. Sweta says:

    Wow Cindy wonderful ways to keep kids busy especially during this tough times when it is hard to spend time together. Apart off screen time is very important.

  2. Since I’ve 2 kids I give a lot of free play time time my kids and have invested in some educational toys for them. Also since they love art n craft thats other thing that helps keep them busy.

  3. Richa says:

    Absolutely great read, I follow some of the activities and all but some times I am just out of ideas how to entertain my girl 😅 thank you for sharing 😊

  4. Tina Basu says:

    In this pandemic, my son has learnt so many board games and puzzles that i have lost count. He is absolutely crazy about them. You have mentioned some very good ways to keep kids engaged.

  5. Raksha says:

    Such lovely ways to teach kids and keep them engaged during the pandemic. Making the chores really fun can help them in many ways, enjoying what they do and learn how to do them.

  6. I feel for every child of our country. There are no Covid vaccines for children yet and with the third wave of pandemic already in sight, children have no choice but to stay indoors all the time. We have literally ripped them off their golden childhood years and this is so unfortunate and sad. Your 10 ways to keep children learning during such times is need of the hour. I’m sharing this post with my other friends 🙂

  7. It is so important to keep kids engaged in productive ways, in the pandemic times. We can make them learn a lot of things through household chores.

  8. Great tips to keep children engaged during pandemic. A very helpful post!

  9. Rakhi Parsai says:

    Absolutely agree with the points you have shared. We cannot let the learnings suffer due to pandemics and these points are indeed helpful to continue the learning curve. Even I have engaged my kids in most of these and especially reading.

  10. Jenifer says:

    This post will help out parents a lot. All points are very useful & will ease parents stress.
    Will share with others.

  11. Aishwarya Iyengar says:

    That’s really awesome, i loved these ideas and that’s really important for us to keep Engaging our kids to different activities because of lockdown they are not able to play in gardens and parks.

  12. It is always a challenge to keep kids productively engaged, and more so in these times. These are all some really great suggestions that kids will love, have fun, and also learn. Sandy N Vyjay.

  13. Monidipa says:

    These are actually very good ways… My friend’s niece stays with him and his mother and due to pandemic she is always bored that’s why she is stuck in youtube… These are actually some great ways which will help the kids to enjoy themselves. I’ll share your link with them.

  14. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    Thanks a bunch for sharing my kids gardening post Cindy! Your tips are practical and spot-on, as always!

  15. Sharing this with my friend right away. He’s facing the exact issue mentioned here.

  16. Abha Mondal says:

    I agree with all the ways mentioned here to keep kids busy during the pandemic. Creating a favourable learning environment at home is quiet Important as kids are already missing all the fun things that they do in School.

  17. It is very important to develop our kids 360 coz mobile phones have turned to be devil in every household and if not controlled it takes over. You have mentioned amazing points which i think should be put into practice.

  18. I agree to all these pointers that you have mentioned including internet training. Now that kids are online most of the time, they need to know how to handle it carefully and parents need to be careful too.

  19. Hey, such amazing and useful tips to keep kiddos busy and they’ll keep learning as well. Thanks for sharing this informative and useful post.

  20. Engaging kids during this pandemic times is become very difficult for parents. Your pointers are great! I specially endorse reading books and not online reading and engaging them in board games than playing online games. These old school methods will give them so many more lessons and memories just like it did to us.

    • You’re absolutely right, Shail. All my board games have been used and abused during the pandemic! Hahaa! Though I am possessive of my board games and my Cluedo is already in two pieces, it’s good to know that it was played to its maximum by the kids.

  21. Children are the most hard hit because of this pandemic situation. While online learning is convenient, it is extra screen time. So very tricky to keep them occupied with other non-digital things when they are not able to go out much. And yes….board games are such a big help!

  22. Loved the idea of DIY projects and thank you for letting us know about the reading subscription program. I will check it out for my son. He’s certainly feeling frustrated at being cooped up inside the house for more than a year!

  23. Akanksha Singh says:

    Since the time my kid started recognising things, there have been lock down.. and he doesn’t know how to respond to other people… I am so worried about it.. but at home he is mostly happy and find things to keep himself engaged

    • Yeah mingling is very important, Akanksha. Hopefully, he will get into that soon. Talk to him as much as possible during the day and let other members in the house do the same. It will surely help him.

  24. Madhu Bindra says:

    Children can learn at home even if it is not book knowledge. It looks like the pandemic will not end soon. These tips are going to be very useful for parents who have small children.

  25. Ritu Bindra says:

    These are some excellent tips, Cindy. The pandemic has affected the children the most. Creating a favorable learning environment is imperative. With the lines between school and home blurring, getting the kids into a “zone” of learning would definitely get better results.

  26. Shreemayee Chattoppadhyay says:

    They’re all good pointers. I’m an old school person and always encourage kids to read books instead of reading them online. DIYs are the great options for the children being creative and innovative while having fun.

  27. Mehul Kaku says:

    Awesome post. Your children posts render pragmatic approach to raise them better. Thank you.

  28. Parenting has become a 48×14 chore ever since the pandemic. Your post is very insightful and informative. I love the way you have highlighted some old school wisdom in this post. Keep writing.

  29. Yes, it has been very challenging for all of us. You have summed up so well, Cindy. Internet time is a grave concern but yes keeping an eye is what we can do from our end. Very helpful post.

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