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Daughter to Mother


I hardly ever say this, but I love you. You are my lifeline. You are my everything.

As a child, I always thought you were the bad cop while Father was the good one who, according to everyone, loved me very much. Though I wanted you both by my side, you were always the busy one and I did not get a chance to know you well. So, I admired Father alone because he was my protector, the one who destroyed anyone that hurt me. Little did I know that you were the one responsible for keeping our family under a roof that we so easily took for granted.

Mother's Day
My mom and me many years ago

When I was a young girl, I remember being close to you. Yes, you were the parent with the slipper in case I was disobedient, but that’s how I have grown up to be what I am today. I have always seen you working, night and day, indoors and outdoors. I have always seen your kindness to everyone around you. I have also seen you being mistreated by a few and, for some reason; I always thought of myself as your shield, against whoever it was that tried harming you. I still do.

Then, Father passed away and I cried. I cried a lot. I wanted him back. I wasn’t sure how he decided to leave us and go to a place we couldn’t even visit. I had a whole lot of self-blaming that I put myself through and never fathomed in my slightest reverie that he had left you too. While dwelling in my own sorrow, I did not realize the pain, which you were going through, as a widow and the distress that followed, as a single mother in a man’s world. Yet, life went on.

Soon after, as I reached my teenage years, I started drifting away from you because I was still looking for a protector as I missed Father a lot. I needed that male figure to care for me like he did. I needed to be someone’s princess, like I was his. I did not understand how much you missed your daughter then but my teenage tantrums and your overprotection did not allow me to understand what I was getting myself into. I did not realize then that I was already someone’s princess; YOURS.

the coffee mug that represents love
Coffee Mug creative by me

Somewhere during my adulthood and on the way to a married life, I was excited and having the time of my life with my new found friendship. I wanted to take care of you, when you weren’t in the best of health, and I wanted to enjoy my life simultaneously. I took you for granted because, deep down, I knew that whatever happened, you would always be with me and forgive me. There were times that I regretted leaving you alone and cried my heart out at night because I did not know how to capably handle both parts of my life. I felt you were missing me too.

When I was gifted with a beautiful little princess, memories made you tell me that you were ecstatic when God had gifted you with a Queen, ME! I smiled and wanted to cry with shame, not because I regretted being your daughter, but because I felt awful for not being the perfect one.

Now, as we are a few miles apart, I miss your presence. I miss telling you about all the exciting information I’ve come across. I miss you when life gets stressful and confusing. I miss you when I cannot express my feelings to my husband and kids. I miss you when I need a lap to relax on. Of course, I know I am a big girl now and have to take care of myself and my family but how can I get back the time I was living with you surrounded by your unconditional love and affection? How can I forget all the magnificent years we have spent together; laughing, shopping and doing all the girly stuff? I miss all that, and more.

Mother, you aren’t only a wonderful parent but an inspirational woman too. I have seen your penchant to make lemonade when life has many a times thrown lemons at you. You have been our mother, father, nanny, baby-sitter, friend, cook, helper, tuition teacher, driver, grocery buyer, electrician, carpenter and so much more and I know I can never do as much as you did for us. You deserve the finest in life because you are the best and no one can take your place; not even me, though I’m trying my level best to be an inspiration to your darling grand-daughter, who loves you to bits too.

Mother's Day
Mom and me

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day though I feel there should be a Mother’s Day every single day of the year, especially for mothers like you! I love you.

Your Darling Dotter.

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Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva
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  1. Shasha says:

    This is beautifully written!!! I had tears while reading.

  2. Mariyum says:

    This is so heartfelt. A very happy Mother’s Day to u and ur mom

  3. I can relate to this very well. My father is a good cop too, so naturally iam inclined to my father in my childhood but after becoming a mother myself, I understand my mother more now.

  4. Fatima says:

    Too good, very well written buddy 😘❤️

  5. Wilma says:

    Not easy for a single mom who has to make her path in a male dominated society. Your mum a very strong woman.

  6. This was quite an emotional read Cindy, and very well-written. #LetsBlogWithPri

  7. Beautifully put. Your mom is a really strong mom and has raised you beautifully!

  8. priya fernandes says:

    Beautifully wrtitten..!!!

  9. Lizann says:

    Loved it Cindy 😃

  10. Cherryl Fernandes says:

    Great read Cindy, made me emotional.

  11. Uncle Mario says:

    Don’t go breaking my heart. I love you very much my sweetheart.

    • Anusha says:

      Beautiful one!
      I have heard somewhere.. ‘the most powerful words are there in your story ‘ when someone shares their story , they are letting u to experience their etire life experiences ..
      Got goosebumps while reading…
      A Mother is someone who is always been taken granted by everyone in that family.. though she does anything and everything for the family. And when we have a daughter then we can relate and understand so many things where we went wrong or missed to understand our mom .

      Thanks for sharing and it’s quite emotional!

  12. Shonali Deokule says:

    Hi Cindy,

    While I did enjoy reading this, it also brought tears to my eyes! Well written!!

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