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Valentine’s Day has several origins and we have no clue which one is actually true. While some are dark, some are quite the contrary. Many believe that Valentine’s Day originated as a feast day to honour Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. Coincidentally, they were both executed on February 14th, but in different years. As per some sources, V Day began with a Roman festival called Lupercalia which celebrated the coming of spring and involved fertility rites where women were paired off with men through some kind of lottery. Icky, but possibly true!

However, over the centuries Valentine’s Day has gained popularity as a day for love-struck souls but I believe it’s a day to celebrate all kinds of love. Besides your partner, you can also celebrate with parents, siblings, children or your girlfriends. But, as some of us have already made a pact to celebrate Valentine’s Day only with our partners, we should consider celebrating Galentine’s Day, a day before, with those special ladies who have our back and are with us every step of the way.

Celebrating with girlfriends is important
“I would love to have a house party with RED as the theme. This includes dress outfits, red velvet cake and red wine. Also, with girlfriends it’s always fun to play adult games and dance the night away!”
Sangeeta V. Babu
Bangalore, India

Galentine’s Day was created by an American sitcom in 2010. The protagonist insisted on celebrating, the day before Valentine’s Day, with her lady friends. From then on, many women observe February 13th as a day to spend with their women tribe, whether married or not. According to health experts, here is why Galentine celebrations are as important as Valentine’s Day!


While many of us share our feelings with our partners or spouses, there are always some things that can only be shared with and laughed at with our lady friends over a glass of wine. And, because all of us belong to the exact same species, it’s mostly easier to relate to each other. Health specialists say that greater empathy leads to happiness and lowers stress levels.

“I’m missing the beach, so I’m looking forward to spending time with my girlfriends on the beach, with some sand and sun and girly gossip.”
Sabina Correia


Some women are inspirations. Even if they are not successful or making big bucks, they inspire you merely by being themselves. Spending time with these kinds of gals could encourage you to be more productive with your own life, if not already. If your girlfriend is already doing many things, she is sure to be an inspiration to you in more ways than one.

“I love nature, so, with my darling girlfriends, I would love to celebrate anywhere to inhale the beauty of the landscape, a beach , a huge garden or anything like that.”
Vidya Vishwanath
Xari Boutique
Bangalore, India


There are several ways to build up your self-esteem, but having girlfriends, who encourage and support you in everything you do, can also make you feel better about yourself and less prone to depression. Moreover, the boost from your girlfriends to celebrate with you is assurance that you are loved and wanted by them.

Girls just wanna have fun – Cyndi Lauper
“To celebrate Galentine’s Day, I would book a spa resort where we girls go and enjoy a rejuvenating and relaxing day. This would be followed by a quiet afternoon with drinks and lunch and then end it with a fun evening by getting all decked up and hitting the dance floor at a club nearby!”
Megha Rai


Sometimes, in our family, we are only expected to do certain things every day, like a robot. We get so lost in our daily errands and responsibilities that there are times when we feel all alone in the midst of a house full of members. So, getting out to party with your favourite girls can make you feel that you belong to something. You feel you are important and appreciated. You feel more connected and acknowledged.

“I would love to take my girlfriends camping. I had lots of good experiences with camping and on one trip, I had fun with two girls just singing and working together while setting up the campsite. I already have a tent, so, I’m more than excited to go star gazing around a bonfire while enjoying some wholesome food with my favourite women!”
Natasha Menezes
Senior Mentor
Skills Beyond Education
Bangalore, India


While lovers mostly look at celebrating with dinner and other intimate moments, Galentine’s Day can be enjoyed by dancing at a club, chilling on the beach or even laughing during game night. Moreover, many of us cannot be our true selves in front of our spouses, so, getting out with our girlfriends is what we NEED to do! Some researchers also say that having fun with girlfriends, regularly, can help you live longer and reap similar benefits as that from a good night’s sleep.

Spa time seems to be the favourite according to many of my friends listed here!
“With my favourite ladies, I would love a relaxing spa day followed by a nice meal that I won’t be cooking!”
Needhi Augustine

When I was younger, I had a lot of restrictions and was too busy figuring out my life to celebrate with my girlfriends. I have had a few favourites, but keeping in touch was quite difficult with the high phone bills or physical letter posting back then. It was only after I had kids and met my tribe of dancers was when I actually started realizing how being around girlfriends made me feel. That was when I began making that extra effort to keep in touch with those from school/college. When everyone began owning a mobile phone, things got even easier. Thank God for technology!

A cake bought for us by my friend’s kid for Women’s Day

I’m thinking it’s probably a good thing to encourage our daughters to understand the importance of having girlfriends, who support and encourage them all throughout their lives. Things will surely get difficult when they get older, but if they have each other’s back, I’m sure handling life will be a lot easier!

So, what are you waiting for? Call your favourite girlfriend and start making plans for Galentine’s Day. Yeah! Yeah! And, get ready for Valentine’s Day, too! Hahaha! All the best!

“Galentine’s festivities offer a more welcoming vibe than Women’s Day. I imagine celebrating G Day with my girlfriends by getting into a relaxing spa, then getting dressed for brunch in pink blazers, pink tank tops, pink eye shadow and even pink hair.”
Fatima Hussain
Pre-Primary Head
Oxford Grammar School
Hyderabad, India

How do YOU imagine celebrating Galentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments below!

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Cindy D'Silva
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  1. Nikki Molloy says:

    Enjoyed reading this content. Thank you!

  2. Nice blog, very interesting. Please also visit our website

  3. Keep writing such stuff! I enjoy reading!

  4. Raksha says:

    As Carrie Bradshaw said ‘our girl friends are the true soul mates and the men who come into our lives are just the people to have fun with’. I am an advocate of Galentine and it’s important to cherish our special women in our lives.

  5. Galentine celebrations have to be special. What I love about this post is it celebrates own self and inspires one from within.

  6. What a coincidence, I met my gals just on 12th and had a great time. I totally agree that Galentines Day give more good vibes than WomensDay.

  7. I never knew about Galentine’s Day so thanks for enriching my knowledge. I should encourage my wife to go and celebrate this day with her besties. Thanks for your wonderful coverage.

  8. Wow I loved reading this just yesterday I spent my day with my bestie celebrating valentines day and what fun we have when we two are together. True, our husbands are imp but nothing like a girls time together.

  9. Amrit Kaur says:

    I am always in for celebration with my girls. Valentines is a day of love that can be expressed for all. My girls are the best and I too celebrate valentines day with them.

  10. Varsh says:

    I love the concept of a Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s our girl friends that have our back when no one else does. Due to work though I have it with my girls as and when time permits!

  11. Outset Books says:

    I too wish to have some Galentine. Spending time with girlfriends can be equally liberating and refreshing

  12. Snigdha says:

    Galentine is a new term for me but I think it is required to celebrate galentine over valentine . Day out with my girls is always fun .

  13. Ruchi Verma says:

    This is something I never heard before and yesterday on 13th Feb we actually had girls party …. this seems actually fun!! Thanks for sharing this Galentines day and I am going to share this with my girly gang!!

  14. Ishieta says:

    oh wow! what a wonderful idea! definitely something which is super important and a relationship(s) which must be cherished and enjoyed! i had not heard of this until today, and today is the 13th here – just the right day to go celebreate! 🙂

  15. Me and my friends celebrate Valentine’s every year too. Cake and wine with some chit chat and end the day maybe with a dance party with our kids.

  16. I came to know about Galentine day recently only. This sounds so much fun to spend a day with your girlfriends. lets plan something next year.

  17. Mrinal Kiran says:

    I recently broke up with my boyfriend and I must say I am feeling really free and happy and bright! Gonna spend the V day with my girls and have a drink to celebrate me breaking free from cage! XD

  18. Jhilmil says:

    I’ve always encouraged Galentine celebrations over Valentine’s. It’s important that we hang out with our best girlfriends and even involve in some self-pampering.

  19. Sakshi Varma says:

    Really liked this post. Needless to say I had never heard of galentines day! Which sitcom was this idea shown in? The idea is great… But I sadly realised that I don’t have any girl friends that I can go out with 🙁 life has become so busy with work and family.

  20. Kavita Singh says:

    I never cease to learn every day from the posts I read. Absolutely loved this and I am wondering how on earth did I not know about this. Better late than never, I am surely going to celebrate this from next year onwards.

  21. Smitha N says:

    Galentine day this is completely new to me had seriously no idea about it thank for sharing your information with us.

  22. Celebrating Galentine’s Day a day before Valentine’s Day sounds like a great idea. It would be awesome to celebrate with your girlfriends and have a real blast.

  23. Jenifer says:

    I was seeing People talking about Galentine around, but I had no clue until I read ur post.
    But if valentine can b celebrated with friends, then y need to create a special separate day? Anyways celebration is always good.

  24. Sundeep says:

    Thanks for sharing about this celebration which is called Galentine’s day. I really don’t have any idea about this day. I am totally agree that celebrating lady friendship is just as important as romantic love.

  25. I really like the idea of Galentine day celebration. and agree that we shouldn’t restrict this wonderful day only to couple or partner love celebration. having fun with girlfriends either by simple outing or going to spa together is great idea to add extra fun element to this celebration.

  26. Galentine is a new concept to me. But I think it really makes more sense to celebrate Galentine Day. Why only last week, all my girl gang from IIT were planning for a virtual get together. So, I now do have a new concept to share with them.

  27. I think in todays times it’s very essential to spend that me time with ur best gal 🙂 coining in a new word can become the new sensation too!! Look forward to the Galentines 😉

  28. Bhawna Shah says:

    I never heard about Galentine. It is really an informative post for me. This day should be celebrated as it gives a good sense instead of valentine day.

  29. Honestly speaking this is the first time I’m hearing the term. Glad that you made me know about this. Sounds like I could plan celebrating too

  30. Jyoti says:

    wow i never heard about Galentine. I would love to spend this day with my girl gang anyday . After all it is day to celebrate with the loved ones and that can be anyone

  31. Aishwarya Sandeep says:

    It is the first time that I have heard the concept of Galentine’s day. It is so important that we spend a day with our loved ones. Most of the times for us women, we loose our set of school friends, college friends and office friends post marriage. Our Children’s and Spouse’s friends become our friends. If there is one day in a year, when we can go back and relive our own friends from our childhood. It would be amazing.

  32. Manisha Garg says:

    I would be honest I heard the term Galentine for the first time however I agree with you that Valentine’s should be a celebration with all your loved one’s I always followed this funda. Like you said there are some moments best enjoyed with your gang of girls I truly believe that would love to have a Galentine’s day celebration 🙂

  33. Madhu Bindra says:

    This sounds fun. I have heard about Galentine’s Day. We should always celebrate our friends as much as we celebrate our family.

  34. Abha Singh says:

    Your post just reminded me of my Bangalore days. Late night pub hopping with my girlfriends. Galentine day seems more fun than Valentine’s Day. Really looking forward to celebrate this day with my girlfriends.

  35. Arti Singh says:

    I completely agree with the content of this blog and definitely love to be a part of Galentine…. well for me it would be chilling by the beach with lots of gossips and gals ard ….just all gals kind of weekend

  36. Harjeet Kaur says:

    I m single, Cindy. Never been on a date since 16 years now. For me, gal pals would be great. I am going to suggest but am sure there won’t be any takers 🙁

  37. Priyanka Chhabria says:

    I wasn’t aware of galentines day but loved the concept and idea behind it. It’s amazing to have a day dedicated to your lady friends because they have been there for us without judging each other.

  38. This is the first time I am reading anything on Galentine’s day; Though the only couple of years ago only I came to know about this day from one of my American friends here. Honestly, I really loved this idea of celebration more than Valentine’s day. An outing with my girl gang is not only a celebration, in fact it is a stress-buster for me too.

  39. I would love celebrating Galentine’s day. A day spent with just the girl gang filled with gossip, drinks, dance and laughter. Just let my hair down and enjoy.

  40. Monidipa says:

    I’m a Galentine’s Day Person, I’ll be celebrating it this year too with my girls. And yes these are the points which really help….

  41. Marriage, home and kids.. Besides all these lovely things, this Gday is what I am.looking forward for!! Good informative post. Now my planning starts 😉

  42. Vasumathi says:

    I didn’t know that a Galentine’s Day existed! But yes….i think that the best celebrations of love can be with your girlfriend….your tribe…. who always have your back even if they dont always agree with you. My friends from college are ones that i know have my back even if we dont meet because of geographic challenges. But when we do, those are the best times that i cherish.

  43. Revathy says:

    Galentine is totally my thing! We all can be married, busy with kids but taking time out with our girl gang is an absolute must. Why not on Valentines’ Day? I have very few but a close knit of gal pals & I love going out with them for some drinks, shopping or even movies. Such a fresh breathe of air it gives chatting away to glory! 😀

  44. Ritu Bindra says:

    I recall reading about Valentine’s Day as a child and it was always about family and loved ones, not necessarily couples. It is coming a full circle with people rediscovering the joy of Valentine’s Day not limited to significant others. Galentine’s Day is a great concept celebrating our girlfriends, our tribe. A day of love (or the day before) should not necessarily be limited to couples.

  45. Shahira says:

    SO I and a group of my girlfriends had decided on a girl trip to an international destination, we are waiting for the covid situation to reduce and for our kids to be a little bigger 😀 Hope we can go soon! The day celeb sounds fun

  46. Supriti Garg says:

    I love stopping by your blog..possibly because we resonate a lot.. Even our blogs are quite on similar lines. Having a girl gang is indeed essential.. hanging out with them is like a breath of fresh air.. Infact in the Covid times i have sneaked into a corner of the house to share, gossip and do chugli… It’s a stress buster of sorts.. So celebrating the Galentine is as important as any other celebration..

  47. Raunica says:

    Reading this post really made me want to connect with my gal pals and just hang out even if it’s for just a simple lunch reminiscing the past and planning our long due trip. Did not know there was such a day. Galentine will definitely be remembered

  48. Swati Mathur says:

    wow…This is very interesting and I am in. I feel its even more important to celebrate Galentine day as you rightly said it improves ones self esteem and it is any time more fun. I haven’t have my gal time for long..but this post is a great reminder. I am surely celebrating this time.

  49. This sounds fun Cindy, thanks for introducing Galentine’s day for single souls like me 🙂 I am going to call my girls! and have some blast!

  50. Alpana Deo says:

    wow..didnt know about Galentine. It makes more sense to me of celebrating Galentine Day. I would love to spend this day with my girl friends. We also need our own space and to breath some fresh air. There are so many women in our life whoa are a great inspiration and spending the with them on Galentine Day is a true celebration.

    • True, Alpana. Yeah sometimes inspirations are just inspirations, but your true gal friends are the ones to be with…

      • sonam jain says:

        honestly, I was unaware of the term Galentines day… but this seems total fun .. I would to cherish my friendship with the gal friends and if there is a day on it why not celebrate and have fun.. thanks for the piece of information

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