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November 16, 2016
November 24, 2016
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draw a zentangle

Recently, I was introduced to a new form of art called the Zentangle Method. My friend’s work looked amazing and professional and I suddenly felt the itch to try my hand at it. My drawings shocked my own Mother as it requires the artist to have loads of patience which, from her experience of living with me for twenty-five years knows, I have little or none of.

According to Wiki, a Zentangle is an abstract drawing created using repetitive patterns according to the trademarked Zentangle Method. The invention of the Zentangle was intended to make the act of drawing pleasurable, meditative and accessible to all. Oh! The pleasure I felt when I saw the result!

draw a zentangle cintangle
For a dear friend

This art reminds me of the makeshift fabrics we used back in the day. The patchwork quilts, some of our aunts made with leftover or waste cloth, were the coziest covers while tucking ourselves into bed. Our aunts would neatly cut equal squares of different patterned materials and sew them together. These were turned into makeshift curtains or sofa covers too.

Now, think of one of us doing this patchwork curtain. Surely, there would not be a lot of patience put into it, nor would there be time. I think that, God forbid, if we were forced to sew such things, it would turn into, what we today call, an untrue Zentangle as the true ones are supposed to be created on 3.5 inch square tiles. Google it for more information and try it out if you feel the need to take a break from your daily routine or just calm yourself down. Trust me, it works.

Check this video to get started with how to draw a Zentangle!

CINTANGLES are the Zentangles I create. 😉

draw a zentangle
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Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva, besides being a mother of two angels, is a belly dancer, writer and photographer. She loves partying, bowling and eating sushi. There is a detailed biography about her on the ABOUT ME page in case you would like to know more. :) You can like and follow her Facebook page to get all updates on the latest blogs and more: https://www.facebook.com/blogaberry/


  1. Never heard of this before. Sounds interesting to me. Need to check it out soon. The pattern looking very soothing and calm.

  2. I and my daughter has learnt Zentangle art last year and must say it leaves you calm and satisfied. It is time consuming activity and that’s what is needed in this hour.

  3. Varsh says:

    Zentangle has always amused me. It looks so beautiful and amazingly detailed. I haven’t tried my hand at it yet but would surely love to. It’s a big lesson in patience.

  4. Ishieta says:

    I Love zentangles, though honestly dont have the time and patience for them, but i agree they can be absorbing and meditative and the end result is quite pretty. thanks for the reminder, perhaps, a sunday evening spent zentangling would be a great way to spend my time 🙂

  5. Wow I’ve seen this art form but never knew the name of it. Yes things which require patients are not meant for me too barring parenthood 😜 which I managed to survive- so far.
    Being a true blue Gemini, I lose my interest very quickly specially if it’s a slow process.

  6. I am hearing about zentangle for the first time. You have simplified this intricate knowledge for your readers. Now there would be many people out there including me who wants to learn more about to

  7. Rakhi Parsai says:

    Wow Zentangles is a new thing for me. I had never heard about it before. But seems quite an interesting way of drawing.

  8. Snigdha says:

    Wow, this seems something very new yet intersting to me . I will definitely check out this .

  9. Judy says:

    Honestly I have heard about Zentangle but never explored or tried hands for making one. Now that I have read about it I will surely try making a few zentangles.

  10. This Zentangle art is so delicate and wonderful Cindy. I remember you mentioning about your blog on Zentangle. Life got in the way and I couldn’t check it. Glad I finally came across. Love it.

  11. Neha Tambe says:

    I didn’t know about zentangle. This must be extremely calming and help in focus. Is it also called mandala art?

    • No, Mandala is the symmetrical one… Wait, you will see my blog on that too. Had written all this last year while I was exploring them during the first lockdown.

  12. hema gayatri says:

    I was planning to try out zentangle art. this blog is going to be super helpful. Zentangle surely elevates focus and promotes relaxation naturally, much needed currently

  13. It is so funny I’ve never heard this term before and now came across it twice today! Seems a fun and easy art and I would love to try it out.

  14. Zentangle is a new art form to me and it is looking really unique and interesting to me. very soon my girls’s summer vacations are starting. will explore more about it for sure and will try this my girls. I am sure they will love it.

  15. Alpana Deo says:

    wow..thats something new to me. I am curious to try it out. It does look like the patch work. Infact my comforter has similar pattern. The pattern looks calming.

  16. […] I had to research patterns in order to fill my own creations but I finally did it. You can see some of them here. A Zentangle is the combination of dots, lines, curves and circles. Tip: Think of an outline, if […]

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