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~An Insect Repellent like never before!~

If you’ve been following my blog, you would surely know that mosquitoes find my blood quite tasty. If there are five people around me, the mosquitoes will, most of time, be feasting on me alone. You would also know how alert I get when there is even one mosquito in the room or how I usually avoid being outdoors during ‘mosquito time’ (around 5.30pm to 7.30pm). For those of you who are new here; to summarize, mosquitoes have been a pain in my **** for a decade now. Yes, it’s almost ‘das saal’ since I came to India for good.

enjoying outdoors more
My pink scarf

I have used everything to keep the mosquitoes at bay indoors as well as outdoors, during these years; mosquito killer lamps, citronella incense cones, body sprays, room sprays, reed diffusers, lemongrass drops, vapourizers, multi frequency repellents, body creams or gels, natural repellents, repellent bracelets and patches, etc. While some gave me terrible headaches, some did work for a limited time. And, when we lit the coils and sticks, I was sure I would faint, with the smoke, before the mosquitoes did. This has been my plight for ten years now!

Hence, a few months ago, when Bugshield contacted me and gave me a brief on their technology, I was unmoved. Now, it was just ‘clothing’ to keep the mosquitoes away. But, curiosity got the better of me, and I agreed to receive their product only in exchange for a brutally truthful review. Honestly, I really did not believe that there could be a product that would keep the mosquitoes from sucking my blood for a long duration.

When I received the pink scarf, I used it for around a month before I finally put up the Instagram post.

As you can see, I was still doubtful about the whole coincidence of the mosquitoes being absent while the scarf was present. So, in the past three months, I have used it while sitting and waiting downstairs for my kids to finish playing, walking by the lakeside, visiting friends who lived in independent houses, etc. and it has worked. Just yesterday, I went to the lakeside for a walk with short sleeves during ‘mosquito time’ and I DID NOT GET BITTEN AT ALL!

Also, for three months, I have kept my scarf hanging on the cupboard handle and encountered no mosquitoes in my bedroom since then. The company does not guarantee this, but this was my observation and therefore, mentioned the same. After three months, a mosquito entered my bedroom and bit us, while the scarf still hangs in the same place.

Like I said, I’m continuously reviewing the clothing like a critic.

enjoying outdoors more
Bugshield tops for kids

I’m still not sure if I want to believe that this product was meant for people like me. It’s too good to be true. But I’m glad that it has helped me get lesser bites in the past few months. Sometimes, I forget to carry the scarf when getting out of the house. Nevertheless, I’m definitely enjoying outdoors more.


Bugshield Clothing uses a built-in technology that acts as an invisible and odourless protection from insects. The technology is meant to keep insects like mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges away, without emitting odours and chemicals. The active ingredient is tightly bonded into their fabrics, thereby making them long-lasting, too. The protective effect remains on the clothing even after several washes. Read more about their technology here. Dry cleaning or hot ironing could remove the active ingredients, and thus, should be avoided. Bugshield clothing is safe for use by children, pregnant women and infants.

My scarf does not need to be washed regularly, so, I’m hoping I can use it for a long long time. I will be buying other colours soon! I’ve already got a couple of tops for my kids because my kids attract mosquitoes, too!

I know that many of you wanted to buy this product and try it out for yourselves. And, some of you merely loved the colour and feel of my scarf. So, here you go! Check out their website and look for apparels that interest you. And, if you have already used products from Bugshield Clothing, I would love to hear your views!

Start typing…

enjoying outdoors more
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This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla, and generously SPONSORED BY Bugshield Clothing – Don’t be Bugged!

Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva, besides being a mother of two angels, is a belly dancer, writer and photographer. She loves partying, bowling and eating sushi. There is a detailed biography about her on the ABOUT ME page in case you would like to know more. :) You can like and follow her Facebook page to get all updates on the latest blogs and more:


  1. Such a cool concept, this is quite an innovation .
    I love the fact that it combines functionality and style.

  2. This is such an interesting technology. I am heading to their website to check the products out. Like you, I also attract mosquitoes and everywhere I go, I carry a lot of mosquito repellent. And if I am at home, I usually shut my windows at 4.00 pm so that mosquitoes don’t enter my home.

  3. Bhawna Shah says:

    Ohh!! I never heard of such thing. Really very interesting, if it really works then the technology is beyond our expectation.

  4. Sounds very interesting Cindy . Definitely checking out their website

  5. Aishwarya Sandeep says:

    I would love to try it as a lot of coils give me. Astama… good to know it is safe for kids

  6. Arulmozhi says:

    This is such a new concept to me. It’s thrilling that technology has improved our lifestyle so much. This is what the future of fashion should look like .

  7. Arti Singh says:

    This was really a good read… will try my hands on these mosquitoe repellent clothing… sounds great

  8. The technology used sounds first of its kinds 🙂 thanks cindy for sharing this product will definitely give it a try!!

  9. Jyoti says:

    Wow i Never heard of a clothing to be mosquito repellent. Thats amazing to know about it .

  10. Abha Mondal says:

    Wow interesting technology. Glad to know about Bugshield clothing. Definitely going to tell about this brand to my family in India. Thanks for introducing Bugshield clothing to us.

  11. Priyanka Chhabria says:

    It’s really unbelievable. Never heard of a clothing to be mosquito repellent. I am amazed by this review.

  12. Shahira says:

    sounds like an amazing product though I am still sceptical of the reasoning behind it. would like to try when I am in india.

  13. Madhu Bindra says:

    I would not have believed it otherwise but looks like it does work. I attract mosquitoes quite a lot and I could use one for sure. The colour is really pretty.

  14. Ritu Bindra says:

    This sounds like a must-have, Cindy. I am sure going to check this out. The repellant sprays give me a bad migraine. I had heard of wristbands and all, but not repellant clothing.

  15. supriti garg says:

    this is indeed an interesting technology. Read about it when the bloghop started and i was wondering about its efficacy after washing the clothes. However u have clarified that doubt too, Glad to read about it.

  16. Suhasini I.P. says:

    Ohh, I just cant really beleive that clothing can shoo away the mosquitos. Interesting product review. I have to get them and try them out.

  17. Manisha Garg says:

    Mosquitoes have become a nuisance. I use cironella gel for myself and my family but clothing seems a good option. I read about the Bug shield technology and your experience makes me want to try it.

  18. Wow, a bug repellent scarf and tops for kids. This sounds actually great. Thank you for sharing your honest review, I could have never imagined this Cindy 🙂

  19. Raunica says:

    Its quite intriguing, definitely want to give it.a try . Thanks for introducing this.

  20. Loved the color… Thanks for the product review…. Bug shield clothing technologies look really really good and your pink scarf is really cute! … 🤩🤩

  21. Archana says:

    I can’t believe this Cindy! I mean merely an apparel can really shoo away the mosquitoes, I would definitely love to try this trendy clothing that will also work as a shield to save me from mosquito bites.

  22. Vasumathi says:

    I am lucky coz I DON’T attract mosquitoes. But my husband does…so may try something from here for him. I honestly didn’t believe it when you told me about the scarf. But I guess your review clears it up! Go enjoy outdoors in the evening 😉

  23. Oh wow! That simple and versatile scarf not only looks super pretty but is a bug repellent as well! Thanks so your discovery and review I have come across an innovative and much-needed product today.

  24. We would like to thanks Cindy for the best product reviews we got.

    Say “Goodbye” To Mosquito with BugShield Clothing “Must Outdoor Essential”

  25. Harjeet Kaur says:

    I really need something like Bugshield. The mosquitoes make me their target always. I am so tired of trying all options. Either scientific or DIY home hacks. I am surely going to try out one of these stoles. Thanks for sharing Cindy.

  26. Swati Mathur says:

    This is really interesting. Bug shield clothing technology is absolutely amazing. I have the same issue as yours cindy..if there is one mosquito in a room it finds me somehow and bugs me to the core. This product is for me sure.

  27. This, I feel is a must have.. As kids are always home and they want to play with their friend’s… Mosquitos being the biggest concern. I would for sure try this..

  28. I love the color of your scarf and the concept is awesome. Will definitely try it out. Thanks

  29. Monidipa says:

    Bug shield clothing technologies look really really good and your pink scarf is really cute!

  30. Alpana Deo says:

    That’s interesting. SO far, I have heard about so many repellents but clothing that will keep the mosques away… now that’s something I would like to try. Like you, bugs like my blood. That scarf looks very stylish and I am sure, if we can get some neutral color then we don’t have to worry about the matching part as well..

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