Since the Pandemic struck, we bloggers and influencers have gotten around reviewing various types of masks. Face pack masks, hair masks, eye masks and, off lately, the masks we use for protection from the recent virus. Initially, I had no idea about what kind of masks to buy in order to protect us from getting infected, because the one I bought from a medical store was completely netted and made no sense to even wear one.

Then I found that people were selling masks left, right and center; some that attracted people for the design and some for the cost. After a lot of research, I have curated this article in order to give you an idea of how to choose a good mask during this contagion.


  1. BASIC LAYERS – A basic usable mask should have 3 layers at the least. The innermost layer being able to absorb the moisture, the middle layer which acts as a filter and the outermost layer which should be of a non-absorbent material so that in the worst case if someone sneezes on you, the layer should be able to repel the water droplets.
  2. PERFECT FIT – Whatever the mask is made of, will not be of any use if it does not fit your face properly. If there are leakages around the sides of your mask, it could degrade the filtering efficiencies. A well-fit mask should cover your nose, mouth and chin with no visible gaps. As everyone has a differently shaped face, you may have to try on a couple of masks, before you choose one that does not require you to touch and adjust repeatedly.
  3. BREATHABLE – The thickness of the masks should not be such that it suffocates you in 5 minutes. Some masks have coffee filters which make it extremely difficult to breathe. According to many medical centers, masks with valves in the front do not protect others if you are contagious. While it makes it easier for you to breathe, it also releases air that is not filtered.
  4. FIRE TEST – Recently, I got to know how you can easily check if your mask is bad. If you are able to blow out a candlelight through your mask, then you may as well burn that mask in the same fire too.

I will also tell you more about one of the masks I had received for review.

hemp masks
Different types of Cannabis – just in case you were wondering


Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant whose derived products are used in industries. It is one of the fastest growing plants which has been spun to make fiber for many years. While one can grow hemp, for industrial or medicinal purposes, with a legal licence, the substance is banned in India because of its potential abuse.


Most of the villages in Uttarakhand are abandoned or filled with old men, women and children as the young men have travelled afar in search of better pastures. Therefore, farming has reduced drastically in the hills there. The Hemp Foundation has created opportunities for people living there. They have trained women in their traditional crafts and provided them with jobs as well as an identity. As hemp farming is less labour intensive, a number of women have been employed, empowered and encouraged to get involved with the same. This also includes marketing, quality control, sewing handlooms, retting of hemp plants and more.

To know more about the foundation or its services, you can visit their website and have a live chat with the team.


hemp masks
White Mask – 250 GSM

In order to avoid plastic and cotton, they have created masks made of hemp as hemp is more breathable than cotton. Hemp is also naturally resistant to microbes. The Hemp Foundation has also mentioned that their masks do not meet the N95 safety standards of being a Personal Protective Equipment. But, because of the natural medicinal properties of hemp, these masks are still safer than those made of ordinary cloth or synthetic fibers.

hemp masks
Light Brown – 280 GSM

These masks are also biodegradable unlike those which use plastic. They have different types of thicknesses (250, 280 and 300 GSM) so you could choose one according to the crowds you face. For example, the police personnel could choose a thicker fabric (higher GSM) than I would, as they encounter more people in general. Hemp masks come in basic sizes (Small, Medium, Large) as well. In short, they are eco-friendly, organic and sourced ethically from farmers in India.


  1. It is definitely breathable.
  2. It is lightweight.
  3. Easy to wash therefore reusable.
  4. I cannot blow out a candlelight while wearing it.
  5. It fits perfectly (and if you don’t have to speak, you can place your spectacles, over the tip of the mask, so they don’t fog up too much).
  6. Comfortable to wear while doing light exercises out of the house.


  1. It costs Rs. 450/- per piece.
  2. If worn for a long time, the light brown one (280 GSM) tends to get slightly damp near the nostrils but that’s my favourite one.
  3. Though I wear the white mask for short outings, long term wear in the heat tends to give me a headache, but I think this is the issue with most masks.

To clean your hemp masks, first, soak them for 30 minutes in boiled water. Then soak them in detergent water for another 30 minutes. Then rinse, wash and hang to dry under the sun.

What is your criterion for choosing a mask? Would you buy the hemp masks in order to make a difference? Do let me know your honest views on hemp masks once you have read this article.

hemp masks
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  1. Thank you for the review. I’m awaiting my pair too. Good that they’re transparent about the pros and cons

  2. Vaishali says:

    Good job, except I am not sure if the ‘weed’ sign looks cool as a face mask. Reusable, and sustainable cloth is def what caught my attention.

  3. Amrit Kaur says:

    I never tried hemp mask but the natural properties of it makes it interesting to try. And yes i agree it won’t give more protection like n95 masks.

  4. Varsh says:

    You’ve mentioned the right points to be kept in mind before selecting the right mask. I didn’t know about hemp masks. Good to know that Hemp Foundation is giving employment opportunities to Uttarakhand women.

  5. Dipika Singh says:

    You have reviewed this mask very well and thanks for introducing me to this brand of mask sustainable products are always my first choice they are expensive from the regular products but little pinch to save our environment and keeping our self away from toxic products is not a bad deal thanks for sharing this product review

  6. Tina Basu says:

    This is something new for me, I had no idea about hemp. But a good breathable mask is the need of the hour and this looks pretty comfortable. We are now adapting to the new normal with the mask being an everyday attire.

  7. Snigdha says:

    Mask is important and need of the hour . These are simple but looks of very good quality though a bit pricey .

  8. Judy Morris says:

    Did not know about these Hemp masks. I always feel that things become more sustainable when the business is connected with giving back to society. Hemp foundation is doing a fab job here. Will check the masks.

  9. Roma says:

    I am so glad to know about the Hemp Foundation Cindy. They are working on a wonderful cause. Will surely buy their masks

  10. Neha Sharma says:

    Initially, we were very confused about what type of mask should we use when we go out for a short time, and can we use the same mask while going out for a longer time. I don’t even remember how many masks I have tried in the last 5 months. Now, I am using a cotton mask for short outings and a layered mask for the longer one. This hemp mask looks good and I was not aware that masks are being made using hemp as well. Shall check these out.

  11. Charu says:

    Never heard of this one before but reading your review entices me to try it once. Fact that it’s biodegradable and super effective is impressive. Will check this out

  12. Disha says:

    You have made a very vaild point, infinite masks are being sold without following any standard guidelines. I have not heard about hemp masks before, it’s looks good for long term use. Best part is they are not making any false claims of it being N95 standards.

  13. Dr Bushra says:

    The hemp mask is something new to me. This sounds promising from your experience. Like that it’s biodegradable and more breathable and comfortable. Would check out

  14. It was an eye-opener blog post and very informative. I was not aware of hemp and the basic criteria that a good mark should meet. The blowing candle test from mask is a good one to test the layering of the mask. Thanks for sharing this post.

  15. MeenalSonal says:

    Masks are going to be a part of our life for long and choosing the right one is very necessary as it may affect our breathing cycle. Thank you for sharing about hemp masks.

  16. Neha Jain says:

    Thank you for sharing detailed information about hemp mask it’s really important to get breathable and comfortable mask as you have to wear it for a long time so stylish masks won’t work

  17. Ruchi Verma says:

    Today mask is new normal and we all have accepted this but this brand Hemp is really new for me and I really liked the way they have made this right mask for all of us!! Thanks for sharing

  18. I have used the masks from Hemp foundation and loved them. Yes, they are breathable but the best part is that they dont fog my glasses. Thank you for your balanced review.

  19. I was searching for good breathable and good layered mask, this seems good. I like the light brown one. Thanks for the review. I will check it.

  20. Shilpa Garg says:

    After trying so many types of masks, I have realized that ones that are breathable, reusable and offer good protection should be used. I wasnt aware of masks from Hemp Foundation. They surely look great. Will check them out. Thanks for such an informative and interesting post.

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  22. Arti Singh says:

    Loved the detailing in this review. Especially the entire details on Hemp… Frankly speaking I wasn’t aware about it and happy to read about the hemp foundation…

  23. I went for stylish looking Masks initially, till I realised how wrong I was. Now I read up before buying one. Thanks for introducing The Hemp Mask to us. It sounds very interesting and I appreciate the fact that they are honest enough to share that they don’t meet the N95 standards. Shall check them out.

  24. Alpana says:

    I liked the idea and purpose behind HEMP Foundation. Breathable masks are very comfortable specially when we have to wear them for a longer time.

  25. Mark Wilsen says:

    I don’t know why it happened to me but I had this bad experience with this Hemp Foundation Mask. I am feeling itchy ever since I wore this mask. It was a waste of money for me nor it is comfortable to wear. Please make sure you put your money on the right thing. On their website, they mention it protects from Corona and I found no Lab report validating this. Really disappointed.

    • Oh is it? The thicker one is not one I like but the light brown one is very comfortable for me. It fits properly and I’m not gasping for air. Where do you feel itchy?

  26. Pulkit Singh says:

    I am definitely getting a this hemp mask now, thanks for your recommendation.👍👍

  27. Breathable masks is what will last longer and be comfortable for longer months. Thanks for detailed information on Hemp masks, will check this out.

  28. nadia kohli says:

    I have been hearing good things about hemp products. glad to know that we get so many new things to learn from this write-up. certainly, it seems like a good product.

  29. Wow Cindy, never knew about the hemp masks before. What a detailed write-up on these masks. Do we get to buy them online too? I would love to buy these, although expensive, I feel its good to use such sustainable masks.

    • Masks are going to stay here, finding a reusable, easy to clean, safe and budget friendly mask is the new challenge. Thanks for sharing details about hemp masks, they look good.

    • SwatiMathur says:

      Haven’t heard of this mask… Thanks for the review and such informative and detailed post. Hemp mask looks better than others… So will definitely try this out.

  30. Looks like this mask is going to change the way we wear masks. So organic and trendy. Your review is so detailed and has made me want to order this mask now.

  31. Since we are in the healthcare industry, we have to wear N 95 masks whenever we are in the hospital. Yours is a great mask guide.

  32. These hemp masks are actually good. I too have them and they are amazing. Also, isn’t it a great initiative for Uttarakhand villagers?

  33. Tina Basu says:

    right now we need good masks that are breathable and gives us proper protection. i had no idea about the Hemp foundation. Thanks for sharing this review.

  34. Hemp is becoming one of the most loved fabrics now. Great detailed post about masks and some things were definitely worth reading which I didn’t know. Wil check these masks for my family.

  35. I did know about hemp ; but not in such details. And about the appropriateness of a mask & how to test its worthiness! Well i had no idea about it. This blog is replete with so much information & an eye opener. Loved reading it.

  36. Hemp is ana amazing fashion products and the ingrained connection to sustainability and nature is worth celebrating …love the detialed research and focus u have provided

  37. Hemp is becoming a main stream ingredient in a lot of fabrics and products too, also This seems sustainable and eco friendly ! Liked the face mask would totally try it !

  38. Raksha says:

    Having a good mask has been so necessary and Hemp foundation has definitely come out with a good one. The best part about it is that it is eco-friendly and is helpful to the nature. I will try to get one of them for my family members in India.

    • Agree I see many people using anything and everything in the name of masks. Glad that Hemp has come out with such nature friendly masks. You have given a very detailed and nice review.

  39. This is such a great initiative by hemp foundation. I feel these masks are great option for getting good protection from coronavius and at the same time, it is great way to supporting our local economy.

  40. Hemp foundation has come up with a real needed product.. And the best part, it is reusable and eco-friendly… I liked this face mask.

  41. Mask is essential in this situation This mask looks Good but mask is bit costly.

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