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additional benefits of wearing your face masks

Just thinking out loud here! 😉

I’m sure many of you have thought of some of the below benefits of wearing your face masks when you’re outside your homes. While we were made to wear various types of masks for more than a year now, I found additional benefits of wearing them, besides saving people from being infected with the famous but most hated virus of the century.

So, here, enjoy the additional benefits of wearing your face masks:


When I was younger, and had special friends, I would wish there was a way no one could identify us when we were together. The other day while I was walking around with my cousin, we saw a young couple parked in the middle of the deserted street talking to each other, with their masks on. My cousin casually asked me why they were wearing masks when they were already physically close to each other. TONG! I realized that we couldn’t identify them!


Whether you are a grumpy person or not, in life, you are forced to smile at people (as annoying as they may be) just so that you don’t get a bad reputation. Well, masks allow you to ignore such people and live your life in peace. If at all they recognize you, you can always blame their masks, right? Haha!


Opening your mouth and yawning in front of someone is disrespectful. But, a couple of Sundays ago, during an early morning mass at Church, I saw the lady beside me suddenly lift her chin, breathe in and then breathe out. I thought she was having a heart attack but, then I realized that she was only yawning. She yawned her heart out. TONG! Another point for the mask! God will forgive her, but people won’t.


My friend just opened a boutique in Bangalore and I was amused to see that, for almost every outfit, she had matching masks. So, it’s not only your shoes, hair accessory and purse anymore! Another plus point for the fashionistas, right?


Imagine you have woken up late and must rush to drop your child to school that is a few miles away. Don’t worry, thanks to the mask, no one but you will be lucky to smell your breath. So, without being conscious about making a negative impression, you can quickly drop your child and no one will know. But, don’t blame anyone but yourself if your dentist yells at you for avoiding dental care. That’s on you! 😉

While living this suffocating life outside the house, we must find a little fun to get us through the day, must’ve we? And, no, I’ve not gotten used to wearing a mask but I just observe people and have weird thoughts every time I’m out. Hope you enjoyed me thinking aloud here! Have a lovely day!

Tell me your thoughts…

additional benefits of wearing your face masks
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  1. Aurora M says:

    And how can you forget the savings on lipstick 😃😃

  2. I almost see a lot of people not wearing masks, ever since I have moved here to Delhi. I feel weird. Most people don’t take Covid seriously anymore. Apart from the fact of Covid I must say I do agree with all your points especially ignoring people. I actually do that, thanks to my mask.

  3. That’s an amazing take on wearing masks. However I’ve experienced something opposite with dental care. I usually took that route in a hurry but now I make sure that I don’t leave home without brushing. Thanks to the mask. Talk of “having a taste of your own medicine” 😂

  4. Abha Singh says:

    That’s a good observation and a fun way to enjoy this new normal. Loved your suggestions. People don’t know your expression when your face is hiding behind a mask.

  5. Aditi Kapur says:

    Absolutely loved this post, Cindy! Masks are useful not only in saving us from health hazards but also in doing what we want to do behind the mask😜

  6. Madhu Bindra says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post. There is always a bright side to things. Looks like the masks are going to be there for a long time. Might as well enjoy the benefits 🙂

  7. Vasumathi says:

    Lol. I especially connect with the benefit of not identifying. I have one more benefit….if you live in a city that has suddenly put a rule that even blue tooth cannot be used when using the vehicle, it is advantageous to have the mask on and take the call if it is important, connected to the car speakers. No one will know you are talking 😉 . This was also a TONG moment for me when I suddenly passed a cop while on the phone. On a serious note, I do not endorse talking while driving/riding as it can be distracting even if you are hands-free. But sometimes you get that one important call that you cannot miss.

    • Hahahaha! Oh yes, Vasumathi! But hubby told me they stop and check your phone or something. Anyway, thanks to my ‘awesome’ navigation skills, I need to keep my focus on the GPS so I avoid all calls when I’m driving, so did not even think of this one.

  8. Ritu Bindra says:

    I love these posts of yours, Cindy. They are always a hoot. Masks can sometimes be a pain, particularly when you wear glasses. But they definitely have some benefits. Particularly when you need to ignore someone for your own mental peace.

  9. Harjeet Kaur says:

    Only you could come up with these crazy ideas, Cindy. But, i have to admit that they are true. Great observation skills u have I must say. The lovers should have worn shields too 🙂 The last one is to far fetched for me 🙂 Its a fun read and 10/10 for you.

  10. Ghazala Naseem says:

    What I liked about wearing masks is , now thankfully helps to feel comfortable when any one annoying stares 🙂
    Secondly No make up
    No issues 🙂

  11. Satabdi says:

    Ha! Ha! This was fun to read. And I definitely agree with the point about being able to avoid annoying people. I hate small talk and avoid it as much as I can. Wearing a mask has helped me shorten meaningless conversations! Also, if I haven’t taken the time to do up my face because I’m in a rush, a face mask is very useful to hide my tardiness.

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