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beach resort, Goa

Living in Bangalore, we feel quite beach deprived here. The lakes are, of course, not the same. And, during the pandemic, we had only been to a resort by the hills. Nevertheless, beach holidays rejuvenate you, don’t they?

We were yearning to visit Goa, my home town (my dad was  a Goan), for several reasons but the beach was our main focus. So, we decided to book a hotel in the South of goa where the beaches are cleaner and less crowded, so one can really enjoy a private and family time on the beach.We stayed at a property on Uttorda beach and spent all 5 days and 4 nights right there on the shores. 

beach resort, Goa

Planet Hollywood Beach Resort is located on, and has a direct access to, the white sandy Uttorda beach located between Majorda Beach and Cansaulim Beach. It was energizing to see the vast expanse of the beach, with very few people around, mostly tourists. The beach gave a sense of exclusivity. We noticed that the security personnel at the beach side entrance were quite vigilant and watchful of the guests, especially the children.

So one evening, while we let the kids build sand castles on the beach, a few meters from the eyes of the security, hubby and I took a lovely (and a little romantic) evening walk through Majorda Beach and almost reached Sunset Beach, about 20 mins away. One can even reach Colva Beach (6 kms) and Benaulim Beach (8 kms) from here, but we wanted to get back to the kids, so we didn’t venture that far.


beach resort, Goa
Beach view from the resort

It took us about 20 mins by car from the airport to arrive at the property. Hubby had pre-booked a private car for the ride. When we arrived, we were welcomed with a dhol baja troop welcome. Well it wasn’t really for us but for guests of a corporate conference group who were also checking in at the same time. While hubby completed the check-in process, the kids and I were fascinated to see the whole resort themed in a ‘Hollywood’ style with various pictures, signatures and clay models of Hollywood celebrities and the like. The lobby looked cool with the custom furniture and designer lighting. The resort had a huge auditorium for special events and, something that’s not common in many resorts here, was pet-friendly, too. While we were escorted to our room by a sweet hostess, we were told about the facilities and restaurants at the property.

beach resort, Goa
beach resort, Goa
beach resort, Goa


beach resort, Goa

The rooms were flat out – lovely! The ground floors had a private garden and the upper ones a lovely view. We took the one on the ground floor to have easy access to the pool, spa and restaurants, especially with kids running around. The room itself had its decor themed around Hollywood. It had a large king-size bed and was spacious to accommodate the four of us (my kids are 9 and 5 years old). The sit-out (or balcony) had a double lounger and chairs to relax after a tiring time at the beach or pool. The bathroom was extra-large, well designed and unlike most star resorts, had a welcoming dark mosaic tiled theme. There wasn’t anything we didn’t like or could be critical about in the room. We later realized, during our walk around the property, that they also had a few cottages by the beach having an exclusive view of the sea and we decided this is something we would book on our next visit to Goa. 

beach resort, Goa
Stuntman brushing his teeth

We got a pretty good deal at the property. Hubby’s friend who runs a travel agency called ‘Fernweh’ has been making all these lovely travel arrangements for us since 2016. The hotel prices included a breakfast buffet, which had an absolutely elaborate spread including varieties of cold cuts and freshly baked pastries, South Indian breakfast options and live counters for eggs, dosas and pancakes.

Being super excited on Day 1, we immediately rushed to the pool with the kids for an hour (while it was too hot to be at the beach). The resort had some pool toys for the kids including a toy paddle boat that can be rented per 15 minutes for a reasonable amount at the poolside. After about an hour in the pool and Jacuzzi, we headed to the beach for a dip. In all the excitement, we had forgotten to have lunch and at about sunset decided to park ourselves in a beach shack nearby.  Now I won’t really comment about the shack, as it was a disappointment with regards to the food taste and quality, but we enjoyed the open, unhindered, direct view of the breezy waves. The kids were so relaxed (and tired) that they dozed off at the table, so, hubby and I carried them back to the room while they took their power naps. After our refreshing showers and some chit chat, we were hungry again and feeling lazy to head out anywhere, we decided to order in. The room service had quite an elaborate night menu and with the luxury of fresh food in the comfort of our room, it was the best end to the day.


beach resort, Goa
The pool in the day
beach resort, Goa
The pool at night

We enjoyed each day at the swimming pool as it was a huge one and only 1.2 meters deep throughout. So, I did not have the fear of suddenly drowning somewhere. (Yes, I’m scared of water). It also had a pool bar where we could sip our drinks and quench our thirst. During the noon’s, it was Gin and Tonic that was hubby’s standard order there. They have another shallow pool for kids and an open Jacuzzi for everyone. The whole deck is made of wood to keep your feet from burning during the day. We got badly tanned though. But it’s Goa, who cares about the tan!


beach resort, Goa
Feet washing at entry of spa

One thing we look forward to on all our holidays (who doesn’t) are the SPA treatments. We prefer the couple’s therapies and I am in charge of getting them organized. I wanted to treat hubby (and myself), so, after some inquiries at the SPA reception, I booked a couple’s massage at the PINK ROOM. The treatment room was nice and extremely relaxing. The masseuses’ were humble, gentle and professional, but a bit more finesse during the massage would have been something we would expect at a resort priced like this. For the SPA prices, it is at par with any other 5-star resort in Goa, but as guests at the property we were given a 10% discount. It was overall a nice experience though we felt there was room for improvement. 


beach resort, Goa
Choris – Goan Sausages

There were 3 restaurants there.

Planet Dailies was the place I ran to early in the morning. Like mentioned above, they had a delicious spread that I looked forward to every time I woke up. The pastries were fresh, the service was wonderful, the eggs were cooked right and the pancakes were yum.

Due to the pandemic, Fame restaurant was kept open only for recreational activities in the evenings. The kids enjoyed art activities, karaoke and movies on separate evenings there. All the events were well organized.

beach resort, Goa
beach resort, Goa
beach resort, Goa
View from Poseidon’s Cove

On one of the days, we decided to have lunch at Poseidon’s Cove Beach Grill located by the beach. We stayed there until sunset not only because it took a while to get our orders but because we were enjoying the fresh seafood. We ordered sushi, sashimi, fried prawns, calamari in rechado masala and some yummy fish curry and rice. Though the price was on the higher side, it was worth every penny. The chef came to inquire about the food and if we had any grievances. We had none and appreciated the customer service instead.

beach resort, Goa
Prawn curry and rice

If you want to explore other restaurants around the area, I would recommend Cajy’s Multicuisine Restaurant and Bar. It was a few meters away from the beach side. We enjoyed the butter garlic calamari (the dish I loved best), masala prawns, fried fish, roast beef (tender and yum) and prawn curry and rice.

beach resort, Goa
Coconut crumbled Fried Ice-cream

If you want to get out of Uttorda, I suggest you try another popular restaurant called Mickey’s Beachside Shack in Betalbatim. It has an amazing view and superb service. The food was great but I was mainly impressed with the coconut crumbled fried ice-cream there. It was well done and had just the right flavours and taste.

beach resort, Goa


You can book a room yourself by clicking here.

The closest airport is Goa International Airport. The Margaon Bus Station is 9 km away and the Madgaon Railway Station is 12 km from here. You can also check out their brochure and address here.


beach resort, Goa

As a family, we had a ball in Uttorda. Though their skin turned into a different colour, my kids did not want to get back home. We satisfied our desire to be by the beach during those days. The resort and good food were like cherry on the cake.

Though you can book the place to host elaborate parties, like weddings, anniversaries, milestone birthdays, etc., if you’re looking for a ready party scene, this may not be the place for you.

Do you love the beach side, too?

beach resort, Goa
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Cindy D'Silva
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  1. Planet Hollywood sounds good. I and my husband plan Goa trips regularly for a good mind refresh. Glad you had a great time there.

  2. I have never been to Goa, thank you for sharing all the details about this beautiful place. This could be my first place to stay. Great one. Loved the pictures too.

  3. Jeannine says:

    Lovely holiday indeed!!! The hotel is gorgeous and that bed is huge!!! Loving the vibe and the privacy they’ve given for customers to still have that beach view without mixing up the guests with the crowd.

  4. Shalini R says:

    The last time we’ve been to Goa was ages ago and I badly want to visit the place after reading your post. I am bookmarking this and I will definitely be checking out this property. Thank you for a great review.

  5. Planet Hollywood seems to be a real fun place. The hotel ambience, interior, poolside view, everything looks so amazing. I loved the information you provided, and I will try to visit this resort on my next trip to Goa.

  6. Samata says:

    Hey I just returned from Goa this week and stayed in a beach side resort. Will soon share my experience with you all.

  7. Goa is absolutely lovely, and when you stay in a property like Planet Hollywood, the experience goes up by many notches. The place promises a dream stay in Goa, everything seems perfect, from rooms to pool to food.

  8. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    My husband’s construction company built this hotel! We stayed here for my son’s first birthday family celebration too… South Goa has its own charms and is wonderful for family getaways!

  9. MeenalSonal says:

    Cindy, you are right watching sunset at the beach is the beautiful experience. The resort recommendation is well noted as it seems to have what a whole family looks for.

  10. We keep going to Goa, and were looking to explore a new beach resort. Thanks for this one. will check it online.
    I like the idea of couple spa and the pool looks tempting too.

  11. Ishieta says:

    Looks like such a fun and perfect getaway! and in these times holidays are much needed. the photos are giving a very cool and chill vibe.

  12. Roma says:

    Thus resort truly feels exotic buddy, I hve been to Goa umpteen times but still yearn to be there every now and then and for my next stay I know what to book

  13. Swati Mathur says:

    I like that, if you are lazy the room service will pamper you even more, that sounds great. Love the place especially the rooms and that Hollywood spot where you have clicked the pic.

  14. Wow looks like you had a great vacation. The place sounds very exciting and great for a family vacation. Will try to plan a trip sooner

  15. Milan Singhal says:

    Looks like a nice pplace to stay while in Goa. Might consider it for our next vacation there. Do they have a private beach too?

  16. Abha Singh says:

    Seems like a wonderful resort for a perfect holiday. Loved your pictures. I am sure you guys had a lot of fun there.

  17. Aurora M says:

    Goa is on my list. I really liked the place. As you said beach side holidays always rejuvenate me.

  18. I have always been a beach person than a mountain guy. The photos look really nice. I visited Goa 6 times after settling in Mumbai but each time it has a different vibe to it.

  19. Ritu Bindra says:

    The Planet Hollywood resort comes highly recommended by friends too but I haven’t had a chance to visit yet. Looks like a great place. Loved the pics.

  20. Madhu Bindra says:

    The resort looks like a lovely place. It has been a long time since we traveled to Goa and maybe we can try this one out. Thank you for sharing all the details. The food looks really tempting.

  21. Satabdi says:

    Planet Hollywood sounds like great fun! It’s great how you take these regular breaks from routine life. I remember your post about a homestay in Sakleshpur and since then, I’ve been badgering my friends to plan a trip together.

  22. Vasumathi says:

    Sounds fun. Considering it is pet friendly, we may explore it on our next road trip with Smokey. Thanks for the review.

  23. Aditi Kapur says:

    Wow, Cindy, PLANET HOLLYWOOD BEACH RESORT looks amazing. You guys might have enjoyed your stay. Loved the details you’ve shared, shall try on my next visit to Goa.

  24. I am a beach person. Goa is our favourite destination for us, the resort you reviewed sounded great, mostly I loved the room service. I will check out with the hotel for my next trip.

  25. Planet Hollywood sounds great.I love Goa and sleats on the lookout for good recommendations. I am looking forward to visiting this resort Definitely

  26. Thats a good review Cindy. Would definitely try it during my next trip to Goa. S is asking for a Goa trip since last one month.

  27. I had stayed in Goa for 1 year in past due to my husband’s job and had a great time while enjoying beach life. your post has remind me that beautiful memories. planet hollywood seems like a great resort with many amazing activities. thanks for sharing your honest review with us.

  28. Alpana Deo says:

    I have never been to Goa. But have read many wonderful experiences from friends. You seemed to have a blast at Planet Holiday Beach Resort. Something we can consider in our next India trip.

  29. Harjeet Kaur says:

    Planet Hollywood seems a real fun place, Cindy. You had a great time and it shows on your face. I am sure the couple spa was a memorable experience.

  30. Ghazala Naseem says:

    Such vacation leaves good impact on mind with life long happy memories 🙂
    Good that you enjoyed it 🙂

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