August 26, 2021
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September 9, 2021
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cubbon park

I feel immense happiness when I hear of initiatives where people are willing to help the less fortunate or the physically/mentally challenged community in some way. Here is one splendid initiative in the very city I live in. This post contains information from the persons concerned with the building of the Braille Trail at Cubbon Park, Bangalore, India.


A Braille trail is a walking path that is specifically designed for the visually impaired or specially-abled. Here, at Cubbon Park, a small portion has been allotted for this project. The Braille trail will be built with soft barriers like trees and shrubs on either sides of the pathway, so that navigation is simple and easy for the users. This area will also consist of a small water feature, walking surfaces and benches where the less fortunate can sit and enjoy the fresh air outside their homes. It will also have a toilet for the specially-abled residents of Bangalore.

cubbon park
A peak of the Braille trail at Cubbon Park


Smart City and Horticulture Department (government entities) have come up with this wonderful initiative to help children and adults, from this community, to walk around with ease. They have identified areas, in Cubbon Park, and gotten them cleaned for this purpose. They are trying to clean up other existing water bodies and channels too, without charging the community or the regular visitors of the park for the same.

cubbon park
Braille trails around the world Pic credit: World Wide Web


The idea of this project is to give the specially-abled a space as they deserve to enjoy the beauty of nature, too. This project also aims at making them feel acknowledged and part of the same society we all live in.

As we have just celebrated our 75th year of Independence from the Colonial Rule, the purpose is to, with this simple nature trail, help the specially-abled come out of their shells and feel the freedom, too.

cubbon park
Bird’s view of the project

Personally, I think that the government entities are doing a great job by improving our city in several ways. In other countries, I have seen roads, zebra crossings and parks made wheelchair-convenient and the visually impaired walk with no help besides their walking sticks. I hope to see a similar view here in India soon. With such baby steps, India will slowly but surely become the superpower it should have been years ago, don’t you think so?

What do you think of this initiative? Should we have more trails such as this all over India?

cubbon park
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Cindy D'Silva
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  1. Yes yes yes! We need these initiatives to be implemented throughout the country! Kudos to you for highlighting the one in your city!

  2. Bhawna Shah says:

    It’s a wonderful idea that a place which is totally dedicated to these people. Hats off to government for the remarkable step for these people.

  3. Tina Basu says:

    This is such a great initiative. We must be inclusive as a society and make our spaces friendly for anyone with a disability. SO good to see this change taking place.

  4. Snigdha says:

    This is a great initiative by the government of Karnataka. I will visit Cubbon park in my next visit .it seems so beautiful and amazing.

  5. Arulmozhi N says:

    It is highly commendable to see how inclusive the community has become

  6. Pooja Jha says:

    I loved the bird’s eye view of the poject and the yes, India will be a superpower country with more easily accessible places for specially abled people as well.

  7. The Bangaloreans can be proud of this. A braille trail. What a novel thought. It gives us goosebumps to see the gentleman walking with the aid of it.

  8. Harjeet Kaur says:

    I have been to Cubbon Park and I think this is such a fantastic venture. Everyone should have access to fresh air and nature. Other cities should copy this effort so that more and more challenged people can step out.

  9. Mehul Kaku says:

    It is nice to see that place is reserved for specially abled people. We need more such projects. This can ease them out and vent the stress away.

  10. This cubbon park project is really a superb initiative by the government and the way they created it it’s really commendable. I did not know about this. Thanks for sharing.

  11. This is such a wonderful initiative! All the parks and gardens should follow it so that even the visually impaired can enjoy the spaces.

  12. Satabdi says:

    It is wonderful to see public spaces being made more accessible to the visually challenged. It is the right step ahead to ensure that everyone feels comfortable in public areas, no matter their situation.

  13. Abha Mondal says:

    This is a great initiative by the government. I have visited Cubbon park many times and I think this is a wonderful place for these Braille trails.

  14. It’s high time we had something like this. Glad it has started now. Better late than never. It will help make the visually impaired more independent.

  15. A brilliant move from our govt…it was much needed. And me too think same way that by taking these baby steps India will definitely become superpower 👍👍

  16. Fills my heart with joy. It’s rare to find someone focusing so much on inclusivity. More of this needs to happen.

  17. Glad to read this informative post! It’s nice to see that we are slowly but steadily moving towards an inclusive society.

  18. MeenalSonal says:

    Nature is for all and when all can have access to it easily then the place is much more happier and wealthier. The initiative by the corporation and the government will bring smiles on many specially abled people. By doing minor changes if we can create place that is cherished by all then it is the best move. Good to know how we are moving forward with the thought process of inclusion.

  19. I’m so glad to read this initiative of Braille nature trail for visually impaired people. This is a welcoming and heartening initiative for our society’s welfare.

  20. Yes agree Braille trail is a great initiative for visually impaired people. I wish our government launched these kind of initiative in other parts of country too. thanks dear for sharing about this wonderful initiative with us.

  21. Madhu Bindra says:

    It is really good to see parks like these in India. When I was wheelchair-bound for a few years, getting around was very difficult. Even government offices were not disabled-friendly. No ramps and no lifts.

  22. Ritu Bindra says:

    This is an excellent initiative, and it is heartening to know that a government body has implemented it. India fares horridly where accessibility is concerned. The other cities should take note and come up with more such inclusive public spaces.

  23. Vasumathi says:

    A very good initiative by the Government. Hope more such initiatives happen across the city.

  24. Shreemayee Chattoppadhyay says:

    Wow! It’s such an innovative concept. A fantastic initiative for the visually impaired people. Hope WB govt also takes such steps here in Kolkata.

  25. Alpana Deo says:

    wow..thats wonderful. Here, I have seen dedicated parking spots for handicaps. This seems a very small gesture but can help that person to a great extent. You are right, with such small steps, India can surely become the super power.

  26. Neeta Kadam says:

    Something really inovative. Glad that government making something for specially disable people. Hope this will be seen in other states too.

  27. Aditi Kapur says:

    A brilliant initiative to acknowledge visually impaired people in society. I hope more cities take inspiration from Bengaluru and make Braille trails for the specially able people. Thanks for sharing about this incredible endeavour.

  28. Ghazala Naseem says:

    Happy to read this. It’s so good that some are really thinking about them who are disabled .


    • Aurora M says:

      This will bring awareness among people and will create the feeling of inclusiveness which is much required in today’s time. This is a great initiative towards bringing a change in society.

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