When we talk about Indian desserts, we know they consist of fried foods made with sugar, milk or condensed milk. As much as they look and taste delicious, some of us hesitate to eat too much of them because we are concerned about our ever increasing calories. But, instead of keeping away from these delicacies, I always try and find a way around it.

Here, I have tried this easy and quick recipe for kheer, where I have replaced the unhealthy elements with healthy options.

The coconut milk gives the kheer a rich taste.

oats kheer

Jaggery not only makes it sweet, but is also nutritious as it is rich in iron.

oats kheer
Oats – Rich in fiber

Oats is a good source of dietary fibre.

oats kheer

Cardamom is the flavor enhancer as in most Indian desserts.



1 tablespoon ghee (clarified butter)
½ cup quick-cooking oats
3 cups coconut milk
⅓ cup grated jaggery or add as per taste
¼ teaspoon cardamom powder
3 to 4 almonds – chopped (optional)
3 to 4 pistachios – chopped (optional)
6 to 7 cashew nuts – chopped (optional)
1 tablespoon golden raisins – chopped (optional)


  • Heat a pan and roast oats on a medium flame for 5-6 minutes.
  • Add ½ of the coconut milk. Cook on a medium flame till the consistency is thick.
  • Add the grated jaggery and mix well. Cook on a low flame for another 7-8 minutes till the jaggery melts and completely blends with the oats.
  • Once it thickens, add the remaining milk and combine together. Add cardamom powder and stir gently till the milk is reduced a little. Switch off the flame
  • Heat ghee in a pan and roast the nuts till they are light brown in colour and add them to the kheer.
  • Your oats kheer (also called payasam or pudding) is ready to be served.
  • It tastes good warm as well as chilled.
oats kheer
Oats Kheer with Jaggery

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Karen Lavina D’souza
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oats kheer
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  1. I’m absolutely loving this kheer recipe. I like easy and quick recipes and this one fits the bill perfectly. Glad to know that you have replaced the unhealthy elements with healthy options.

  2. Aishwarya says:

    This was a great recipe. It seems like a highly nutritional and filling breakfast. Oats kheer is new for me, but definitely try to make some.

  3. Who said oats is boring. This sounds like a winter comfort food will definitely try it

  4. Tina Basu says:

    wow, this sounds very interesting. It’s healthy too. I will try this one.

  5. Humaira says:

    Oats kheer looks so delicious and healthy kheer. This is so easy and healthy oats kheer recipe. Great thoughts.

  6. Many people don’t eat Oats because of its taste and when we can give it a Indian twist then we have win- win for all, a healthy sweet. The recipe is simple to try for all healthy lovers.

  7. 360newsmania says:

    Veg oats jaggery kheer sounds delicious and healthy. It’s perfect for winter.

  8. urvashi says:

    This is super easy recipe. I am making kheer since last so many years never realised oats could make it to kheer and it sounds and looks so filling, delicious and healthy

  9. You have used all the healthy ingredients to make a perfect combination of kheer. I loved the entire recipe.

  10. Dr Bushra says:

    This recipe is perfect blend of nutrition and taste. Easy and quick to make in winters.

  11. Amrit Kaur says:

    My mom recently made this on a special occasion and I loved having it. It was healthy as well as delicious to enjoy.

  12. Monidipa says:

    I love kheer but I’m not at all an oats fan. My man is although loves oat and I guess this recipe is great enough. I can try making this for him!

  13. Mrinal Kiran says:

    I have oats, ghee, jaggery and all these ingredients at home! I will try to make it tomorrow itself!

  14. Jenifer says:

    I don’t like oats, although I know it is healthy. However, I think I can like it in kheer form.
    Will surely try it soon.

  15. AKASH KAPADI says:

    Oats is my everyday morning breakfast. I have my own recipes with honey & cinnamon Also one with masala vegetables. I am sure gonna add your recipe in that .

  16. I m surely going to try this one. Healthy and tasty it seems.

  17. Judy says:

    I am surely trying this recipe as it is its winters and right time to eat jaggery. This looks to be a great healthy dessert.

  18. Sundeep says:

    Oats kheer sounds so interesting. I never tried this combination. But this recipe looks easy and doable and the kheer looks so delicious and healthy. Will definitely going to try this recipe for sure.

  19. Manisha Garg says:

    Kheer is one dish which everyone enjoys at home. This recipe is a healthy twist to the original method will give it a try.

  20. My son has a sweet tooth but giving him sugary food regularly is not good so this is a superb recipe that you have shared and now I can happily give him a sweet treat and not worry about sugary food.

  21. Team TCT says:

    Never heard of oats kheer at all. Wow this is We will try this at home. Will have it guiltfree

  22. I make oats kheer with jaggery but in plain milk. Will try coconut milk. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Dipika Singh says:

    Well honestly saying, I am among those who hardly experiment with the traditional food. For me it’s always rice and have never tried the oats Kheer, however now life required some changes to take care of the health. Especially when you are 30 plus saving this recipe as jaggery and oats both are very health conscious food choices.

    • Karen Dsouza says:

      Rightly said. With the lifestyle we have and the environment we are living in requires us to make such changes to our diet that is not only delicious but healthy too.

  24. Snigdha says:

    Veg oats kheer is sounding intersting and looks yummy. I will try out this recipe. I am sure mu son will love it.

  25. Harjeet Kaur says:

    Another great post by Karen..loved the chicken one and this is also new to me. Will surely try out Oats kheer..Its healthy for sure and looks delectable as well.

  26. Ishieta says:

    I love the sound of this recipe definitely going to try this out for a guilt free e indulgence in something sweets thanks for sharing this one

  27. This looks so delicious. I like the fact that you have used the right kind of healthy ingredients for the recipe. I shall definitely try this out soon.

  28. Ruchi Verma says:

    This recipe looks really tempting and healthy also!! I will definitely be going to try this as looks great to have!!

  29. Varsh says:

    Jaggery and coconut milk is a healthy and delightful combination. With oats this recipe becomes even better. Will surely try this soon. Perfect for weight watchers too.

  30. Thats such a healthy version of the typical rice kheer. I am a big kheer fan and i am definitely going to try this one.

  31. sonam jain says:

    wow thank you for the sweet and simple recipe.. my son loves oats so I am sure he will enjoy it .. thanks once again and look foward to some more recipes like this

  32. My son n husband have a sweet tooth n this is a very nice recipe which is healthy at the same tme… gonna try this one for them.

  33. Swati Mathur says:

    This recipe is super healthy. I cook normal rice Kheer this way but adding oats makes it more healthy . Will make it soon.

  34. I always make my oats with jaggery to avoid white and refined sugar intake. J also like the addition of coconut milk to this recipe.

  35. Mandavi says:

    Jaggery kheer is infact one of the specilities in my home. I didnt know we can make it with oats. Definately trying this one

  36. Great this time Karen has shared one of my favorite recipe. Addition of jaggery is new to me. I will surely try it. Defenately it is more healthy.

    • Karen Dsouza says:

      Glad you liked it. Indeed the jaggery and oats are healthy choices and what can be better if it is a dessert.

  37. Alpana Deo says:

    wow I loved this recipe. Oats and Jaggery both are my two favorite ingredients. And cardamom…awesome. I am going to make it and will tag you. I am just imagining the wonderful taste.

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