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Banani Das Dhar

Pregnancy is a time when we women allow the little life in us to grow healthily within forty weeks. We do everything and anything in our power to protect our little buns. Delivery, on the other hand, is a happy time until you deliver and lose all the shame you had. It is part and parcel of the transition we go through from being just a woman to being a doting mother. Motherhood, they say, is a wonderful thing. All the tantrum, drama, disobedience, noise, fussiness and mischief is forgotten once they smile at you or hug you with their tiny little arms. Though I did not feel all motherly until I saw my daughter smile at me for the first time, many of us turn into mothers overnight. Just like that!

panel of guests at book launch

Panel of guests include Author Ms Ushasi Sen, Fitness expert Ms Wanitha Ashok and Gynac Dr Suman Singh

This book ‘Emotions and Elation’ describes all the above and more. It is a very personal experience of a woman who went through different emotions while she carried her child inside her womb. She has not only narrated the good parts during those nine months but also the painful truths about labour. Added to that, the father’s thoughts and emotions have also been captured here. Some of you may ask why! Well, a father also happens to be one of the parents of the new-born child now, don’t they?

Fatherhood, back in our days, would be absent because when people spoke of children, it was a woman’s duty. The fathers had no or very little role in bringing up their own children. If the children did something wrong, it was all blamed on the mother and her nurturing. Today, fathers are different. It amazes me to see a lot of fathers getting involved in their children’s childhood. They play with them, take them for walks, sit with them to study and mainly talk to them, eye to eye. This book includes the sentiments of a father while the love of his life is expecting their first child.

The personal touch given, to a father’s and mother’s views and feelings, is something that keeps you engaged. Both parents can relate to it if they have already been through these nine months. It will make you smile recalling the happiness and joy you had experienced many years or months ago. Though this book is not a pregnancy guideline, both partners, currently experiencing the prenatal period in their lives, can get an idea on how to handle the myths and free advice you may be getting from various non-authorized sources. You can buy this book on Amazon here.

About the author Banani Das Dhar:

Author Banani Das Dhar

Author Banani Das Dhar signing my copy

Banani was brought up in Assam but is now living in Namma Bengaluru. Previously being an efficient Data Analyst, she is now the founder of the popular Lifestyle and Cultural Digital Magazine – Banani Vista. She loves exploring new places and interacting with people. She wrote this book during her pregnancy and never thought it could turn into a book. After the encouragement received from her husband Subhashish Dhar, family and close friends, Banani launched her debut book on 1st July 2018 as a gift to her son Lakshya as he turns one this September.

Book launch

Me with the book launchers Banani and Lakshya (her son)

Watch Banani Das Dhar in Exploring People and Places with Cindy.

Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva
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