March 8, 2016
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Healthy eating

Well! Till almost the end, I was to have a normal delivery but then, nothing is normal in my life! Thanks to my petite little baby girl, already two days late, she was out of me in 15 minutes flat. The after effects of the C-section made me wonder how people go through this more than once!

I lost weight in the first three months but the operated part hurt too much for me to care about my waistline. Lucky for me, I escaped the warts, hair fall and stretch marks during and after my pregnancy but the paunch would just haunt me every day and every night.

Initially, as my baby increased a kg every week, I lost the same on the weighing scale. It was going how it was supposed to, until one day, I found that we were both gaining the kilograms!! And for almost two and a half years, my weight stopped at the same digits every time I stood on the truthful machine. Ugh!

chubby me

The chubby me at a wedding event last year 2017

While I halfheartedly tried various things to feel slim again, I knew my eating habits played a big role in making me feel just the opposite. Running on the treadmill is good to keep you fit but it won’t help much if you get back and scavenge for carbs in the fridge! I mean, come on, imagine your only workout is a walk downstairs and then you get home and gobble a plate filled with rice.

I believe that everyone has the right to feel beautiful, even after having children. I vowed to myself that I would not allow myself to look like a ‘big fat aunty’ as long as I can. I have seen couples wherein the man looks like a young boy and the woman looks like his mother instead of his wife. Many men work on their body even after marriage or becoming a father. So, why not us women, who care for everyone else in the household and ignore our ‘once upon a time beautiful’ body? We are, after all, human too.

So, one fine day, I woke up and decided that I needed to do more than just avoid aerated drinks, rice and potatoes. I needed to watch every bite and piece of food that traveled through my lips and into my tummy. It took a while for me to get started as the out of station trips weren’t helping much. The sumptuous spreads, laid out in front of me, were hard to ignore, considering I would not have the opportunity to guzzle on them after this! Then again, I woke up another day and decided, this is it! It’s now or never! Yes, I love Michael Jackson AND Elvis Presley. 😉

It was a difficult, but eventful, period during the next six months, of healthy eating. I aimed to lose only my paunch but lost eight kilograms overall, too. Yes, if I had resisted temptation on several occasions, I would have lost the weight sooner but then being a mother, wife, daughter and a mere woman can sometimes prove tempting. After my second child, I got back to my original weight within a couple of months because, along with me, the husband was on a healthy diet too!

This post has been edited to help some of you to lose weight (like I did) because, strangely, when you decide to go on a healthy diet, your hunger pangs make you forget what can be eaten and what not. So, depending on how many kilograms you want to lose, you can do the diet as per your wish! Of course, I gifted myself with numerous cheat days mostly on the days I had a party to attend, but despite that, I watched what I ate! 🙂 Note the green and red dots for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, respectively.

Eggs different ways

Eggs for breakfast

In the morning!

1. Weigh yourself. Drink some water before you even brush your teeth (courtesy GM diet). You can add mint leaves, the night before, for a fresh taste. Also, recently I began drinking water from a copper bottle.

2. Once you are ready for breakfast, you can have the following:
**Porridge (mix oats, ragi powder, crushed cashew nuts in a mug with half milk/half water and honey or a little sugar; stir and heat till it becomes a pudding – I eat it that way).
**Soft boiled eggs and antioxidants like an orange or some grapes or strawberries or grapefruit (courtesy Chemical Regime Diet).
**Half a glass of plain milk (I drink it cold) and a banana.
**Scrambled eggs with a few pieces of lightly fried bacon.
**A sandwich with lettuce, tomato, slice of cheese, cucumber, lightly fried paneer/cottage cheese and a drop of mayonnaise spread evenly.
**A sandwich with lettuce, boiled eggs, tomato, slice of salami and a drop of mayonnaise spread evenly. Sometimes, I enjoy this as a submarine sandwich.
**A bowl of freshly chopped fruits of your choice! A combination of banana, apple and mango was something I enjoyed in the mango season!

3. Finish your breakfast by 10am. The idea is to be discipline in every way.

Chicken wings

Buffalo wings with celery, tomatoes and pickled onions on the side

In the afternoon!

1. While my husband was on a Ketogenic diet, I enjoyed a lot of meals that he prepared. While you can see some of the stuff on my Instagram account, chicken wings and prawn fry are written in detail.

2. Some of my lunches included the following:
**Chicken soup with tomatoes and other vegetables (boil all together and add some salt and pepper).
**A bowl of fruits (like above) can do wonders at any meal.
**A scrumptious submarine sandwich; gizzard sub, veggie delight, red submarine.
**Feta cheese salad or double bean salad.
**Prawns salad.
**Lightly fried bitter gourd with a paneer/cottage cheese filling.
**Chicken wings in different styles. Recipe above.
**Salads of different types; iceberg lettuce, green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce, red spinach (amaranthus dubius), green spinach, basil leaves, methi leaves, fresh parsley, tomato, cucumber and onions remains the base of all my salads. For non vegetarians, you can add bacon cubes, shreds of leftover meat, lightly fried spicy squid pieces or get creative and inform me.
**Baked/grilled or steamed meat with vegetables on the side.

3. Get done with your lunch by 2pm.


Cantaloupe as a snack

In between snacks!

1. Please try and avoid snacking on processed foods like chips, chuda, samosa and other fried items.

2. Keep ready and include the following in case hunger strikes.
**Bitter gourd juice. The internet helped with different way of preparing it!
**Banana milkshake (preferably in the day time).
**Broccoli juice!
**Boiled green grams with tomatoes.
**Boiled corn sauteed in butter and lime. Add pepper.
**Flax seeds, walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, etc.
**Just watermelon.
**Drink plenty of water instead of any store-bought juices.

3. Timings to snack could be between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. Tea time can also be your snack time where you avoid tea, coffee and other caffeine drinks.

At night!

While you can have all the items prepared for lunch, for dinner too, try and have the same by 9pm at least. Yes, it is better to get done with dinner by 7pm but it’s close to impossible for me so I do not preach what I don’t or didn’t practice myself. Sometimes, I have a bowl of fruits with a little ice-cream for dinner.

While you require a lot of determination and the power of resistance to acquire satisfactory results, workout is also necessary. Get yourself into dancing, exercising or enroll yourself at an aerobics class. Whatever you do, do it thrice a week so your body is fit and fine from top to toe. All the best!

Slimmer me

Slim me on Woman’s Day (2018)

Disclaimer: All advice and information on this site are totally based on the experiences of the writer. With no medical diagnosis, no result can be certain. Causes, for being overweight or obese, differ in every person. Whether genetic or environmental, it should be noted that food intake, rates of metabolism and levels of exercise and physical exertion vary from person to person. Please consult a doctor or a certified dietitian if you do not feel well after following the above healthy eating habits.


Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva
Cindy D'Silva, a belly dancer, writer and artist, besides being a mother of two. She loves partying, bowling and eating sushi. There is more about her on the ABOUT ME page. Do check it out! :) Do like the facebook page too:


  1. Even I am trying to loose that baby belly that I’ve been carrying around frm the last 3 years after my 2nd child was born….but yes m also following a similar method now and trying hard to shed some weight

  2. Kinshoo says:

    Agree. With healthy eating and balanced diet, anything is possible. Only thing is to be consistent.

  3. Great transformation dear, i am also working on my eating habit and patterns. Portion control really helps.

  4. Sundeep says:

    Thanks for sharing this healthy diet with us. You have explained each and everything in details and I love such blogs. I am sharing with one my friend who is looking to loose some kilos. She recently gave birth to a baby girl.

  5. This blog is like a cue for everyone to follow healthy diet and maintain healthy lifestyle, as it is must for everyone. Plus the 2 different pics of you are like the goals set; remarkable change.

  6. Nitya says:

    These unique food recipes and ideas are so tempting! Definitely gonna try out!

  7. Simrit Bedi says:

    Wowm. Cindy.. Love ur blog.. U have explained in detail about ue diet and the pics are the icing on the cake

  8. rohit Karakoti says:

    thanks for the blogs… they are really helpful and keep it up <3

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