October 29, 2016
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November 16, 2016
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You held my hand and crossed the road
Showed me how to trudge the ford
Guided me to the path of my dream
But today I have you not with me

The touch of your hand still I feel
That stream that flows, sings to me
The light of the guide still shines bright
But today I have you not by my side

There is no place I don’t look for you
The thoughts the actions and the touch too
There is no man in whom I see your face
Cause today you are not in this space

You live somewhere far away
In another land so they say
I keep trying to find the way
Hoping to see you one day

When you were here I was strong
Cause I had you to fall back on
But when I need you, you are gone
And I hope in vain that sense will dawn

True I laugh out loud and play
True I show not what makes me sway
True are those moments when in dismay
The truth is the pain in which I stay

Please come back or I will cry
Please come back and show me the sky
Please tell me you are there
Watching me from above and that you still care!

Shonali Deokule
Shonali Deokule
Having 18 years of work experience in various corporate industries, I realized that many years of working only added weight to my resume, instead of to my creativity. That is when I took a break for a year and changed what I did. I started a small drama school for kids up to the age of 10, became a trainer in SAT English for students of grade 10 to 12 and also ran workshops on Personality Development for school teachers. Simultaneously, I took to writing poems and skits and realized that writing gave me a platform to express myself and also bring out some latent creativity. I'm hoping you will relate to most of my work.

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