August 17, 2016
August 30, 2016
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It is a beautiful day outside
But it feels so dark inside
Shining bright and sunny
But wonder why the heart feels heavy

All the time I wonder why me
And then I wonder who else could it be
Maybe it was in my destiny
Or maybe I was just plain and silly

A two way path and one to take
Decision a struggle for many to make
Choice once made is hard to change
We all know that the other is out of range

Please be aware of the word regret
Don’t ever land there it makes you fret
This is for those who are making up their mind
Who have the time and have a path to find

Shonali Deokule
Shonali Deokule
Having 18 years of work experience in various corporate industries, I realized that many years of working only added weight to my resume, instead of to my creativity. That is when I took a break for a year and changed what I did. I started a small drama school for kids up to the age of 10, became a trainer in SAT English for students of grade 10 to 12 and also ran workshops on Personality Development for school teachers. Simultaneously, I took to writing poems and skits and realized that writing gave me a platform to express myself and also bring out some latent creativity. I'm hoping you will relate to most of my work.

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